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episode 4: Relaxation and Gratitude Meditation

Almost two and a half minutes of gratitude time. I take a deep breath and choose a relaxed state. I am grateful for this moment. I am inside my body and fully aware of all the parts of my body. I am now in tune with my mind, my body and my spirit. I...


 2015-02-04  2m

episode 3: Eating Better

For us foodies I am eating healthy.  Nutrition is my top priority. I am aware of how my body feels.  I am aware of how I feel about my body.  I monitor what I feed myself.  And I know how my body feels before and after each meal. I...


 2015-02-03  2m

episode 2: The “No More” Affirmations

Cleaning House! Love, I deserve love.  No more of the other stuff.   No more being someone I’m not.  No more avoiding my issues. No more worrying about what other people think.  No more comparisons.  No more putting...


 2015-02-02  2m

episode 1: I Love Myself

The deepest relationship you'll with yourself. I love myself.  I love my mind, my body and my spirit.  I am special.  I am unique.  I am one of a kind. I am alive.  I am appreciating this very moment.  I take...


 2015-02-01  3m

Welcome to Affirmation Pod!

Welcome to Affirmation Pod! Do you want to move from negative thinking to positive thinking, self-rejection to self-acceptance and self-hate to self-love? Come hear the Affirmation Pod experience!  It's the world's #1 podcast for affirmations and...


 2015-01-28  1m