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APG 010 – The Real One!

Live, from Gulfport, Mississippi, it's the Airline Pilot Guy Show! My first MD-90 flight, bats in the cabin, and a planeload of feedback about the AF 449 investigation, weather apps, and more! Feedback from Adam, Dan, Erich, Lisa, Aaron, Jen, Mike,


 2011-08-12  46m

APG 009 – Oops!

Live, from New York City, it's the Airline Pilot Guy Show! Topics discussed on this show include the BEA's 3rd Preliminary Report on the crash of AF 447; suspect investigated may be American folklore hero D.B.


 2011-08-03  42m

APG 008 – Legality versus Safety

Back and forth press releases from US Airways and the USAPA regarding an incident last month when a captain refused to operate a flight from PHL to Europe due to safety concerns. We talk about the idiot who brought a LOADED RIFLE as checked baggage...


 2011-07-31  27m

APG 007 – Wing Ding Dang It!

Crud, we hit the RJ. The taxiway collision at BOS, the drunken ATC Controller at Denver Center, feedback, and more! Feedback from Suzanne, Jeff, and Kyle. I'm "Airline Pilot Guy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter.


 2011-07-21  24m

APG 006 – Is that an iPad in your Pocket?

Happy Birthday Air Traffic Control! TSA claims x-ray machines are causing cancer. TSA agent makes some extra cash selling stash on Ebay. Flying cars? Really? Well, sort of. Pilot's Bill of Rights, and sleepy pilots. All this, and much more!


 2011-07-16  52m

APG 005 – Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Runway incursions at JFK, Southwest pilot's stuck mic rant, no more babies in Malaysia Airlines First Class, biofuels, panic buttons and more. I'm "Airline Pilot Guy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter.


 2011-07-08  41m

APG 004 – PED Nonsense

Do Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) really affect aircraft communications and navigation systems? Capt. Jeff is not convinced.


 2011-06-22  1h2m

APG 003 – Good Captain, Bad Captain

What makes a good captain? FAA study finds serious flaws in pilot training for handling automation, another AF 447 update, and what the heck do hotels do with that leftover shampoo and soap? Der Spiegel Article on AF 447


 2011-06-10  49m

APG 002 – Tommy Wants to be a Pilot

What do laser lights, airborne 911, passenger fist-fights, baby rats, Pan Am, and Captain Tommy have in common? Absolutely nothing... well, except that I talk about all of them on the podcast. Delta Jet Has Rough Landing in Atlanta Pan Am


 2011-06-04  29m

APG 001 – Air France #447 Update

Join me in the first episode of the recently-rebranded "Airline Pilot Guy" podcast! As you'll see (well, hear, actually), it sounds just the same. The main topic of discussion is the recent update of the AF 447 accident investigation,


 2011-05-30  40m