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MJS 150: Loiane Groner

React Native Remote ConfJuly 28th to 31th

Loiane Groner is an Angular developer from Brazil currently living the USA. She started out working in Java and has worked in Java for nearly 14 years before moving over to Angular. She did an episode on Adventures in Angular about writing documentation in Portuguese...


 2020-06-23  32m

JSJ 437: Inside the Brave Browser with Jonathan Sampson

React Native Remote Conf

July 28th to 31th

Jonathan Sampson hops into the Jabber session to talk about the Brave Browser. He and the panel wander through the topics of privacy, browser design, and features...


 2020-06-23  1h25m

JSJ 436: MongoDB Basics with Joe Karlsson

React Native Remote ConfJuly 28th to 31th

What is MongoDB? How does it work? How is it different than a standard relational database? How does it fit into a modern web app? This week, the panel gets the answers to these questions and more when they talk to Joe Karlsson, Software Engineer and Developer Advocate at MongoDB...


 2020-06-16  59m

MJS 149: Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans is a history major turned designer turned developer. His journey leads through doing development in Java, getting and MBA, and eventually picking up Angular and working at Capital One...


 2020-06-09  28m

JSJ 435: with Travis Tidwell

The panel is joined by Travis Tidwell, co-founder and CTO of, a ME*N stack platform that incorprates a form builder with automatically generated REST API endpoints. Travis discusses the history of, how it’s built and works, and lays the smackdown on panelist and noted NoSQL database skeptic AJ O’Neal by showing how MongoDB is the appropriate DB for storing form data in JSON format...


 2020-06-02  1h7m

MJS 148: Farzad Yousefzadehr

Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined By Special Guest: Farzad Yousefzadehr

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"The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job" by Charles Max Wood is now available on Amazon...


 2020-05-25  20m

JSJ 434: Understanding and Using ES Modules in Node with Gil Tayar

Gil Tayar gave a presentation recently on ES modules in Node. He joins the panel to discuss how to use and think about ES modules. With considerable pushback from AJ, Gil explains how to start using modules and what the tradeoffs are between modules, script tags, and build tools...


 2020-05-19  1h21m

MJS 147: Kay Plößer

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

Kay Plößer is an German developer who does front-end and mobile development with React. He primarily focuses on developer relations and will be teaching at a University soon. He got started in programming doing basic scripting and game mods to buy game weapons when the game started. He also build IRC bots and programs that ran in IRC. We dive into his journey through development into React and JavaScript...


 2020-05-12  33m

JSJ 433: Understanding the Browser Layer with Noam Rosenthal

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

Noam Rosenthal has worked in both web and native technologies. He leads off with a discussion of the history of the web, browsers, and specifically webkit. The panel then goes into how browsers and built and discuss the differences between the different browsers...


 2020-05-12  52m

JSJ 432: Internet of Things (IoT) with Joe Karlsson

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 13th to 15th - register now!

Joe Karlsson is a developer advocate at MongoDB...


 2020-05-05  57m