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There Is No Team Without Tea - Neville George On the Path from vSphere Admin to Platform Engineer

There are more VMware Admins out there than Cloud/Platform Engineers... but with vSphere 7 with Kubernetes, that is likely to start to change. To give a taste for what is to come for vSphere admins out there, Dormain sat down with Neville George who himself made the transition from VMware administrator to Platform Engineer at Comcast. He shares what has stayed the same and what has changed, as well as what he has had to learn along the way...


 2020-05-07  n/a

Tour De Tanzu Milestones

In this episode, Dormain and Richard take turns with Jared Ruckle and Scott Buchanan to describe a flurry of recent milestones across the Tanzu portfolio, as well as another round of work-from-home tips. Somehow eight-legged raccoons and rhombus-shaped houses also come up. See full show notes here: https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/podcasts/tour-de-tanzu-milestones


 2020-04-16  n/a

A Tale of Two Digital Transformations

So, you're digitally transforming... what does "good" look like? "Getting developers to the point where developers want to change." In this episode, Dormain sits down with Paul Pelafas (@paulpelafas) and Jonathan Regehr (@jonathanregehr) to hear how two different organizations navigated digital transformation journeys. They discuss what "good" looks like, how a healthy software culture is sustained (and destroyed), and the difference between grassroots and executive-led transformations...


 2020-04-01  n/a

Accidental universal control plane, with Joe Beda

In this episode, we talk with Joe Beda about, of course, kubernetes, but also about an organization's platform, the roles that work in the software supply chain in enterprises, types of developers, and other topics like what DevOps "is" now. This discussion will give you a good view of how to model and think about enterprise software development and operations now-a-days, and thinking through the strategy you want to take to transform your organization to be cloud native.


 2020-03-25  n/a

It's Tanzu!, a look at the VMware Tanzu portfolio with Jared Ruckle

VMware recently released and outlines its Tanzu and major updates to vSphere. To understand how the Tanzu Application Service, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, vSphere and VCF all fit together, we have Jared Ruckle on. He walks us through the portfolio, new names and products, and we discuss where the Tanzu products are positioned in the cloud native stack. Also, a discussion of Latin...


 2020-03-17  n/a

Developer Experience is a Team Effort at Liberty Mutual

"The more we can get into our [developers'] hands [...] the faster we've seen adoption, the faster we've seen growth, the more we've seen folks understand the tools because they're diving in and taking ownership" - Miranda LeBlanc, Developer Enablement, Liberty Mutual In this episode, Dormain chats with three people (Miranda LeBlanc, Matt Ruel, and Kevin Ingvalson), all with different roles that impact the developer experience at Liberty Mutual...


 2020-03-11  n/a

Platform operations, organization change, SRE, and HumanOps, with Hannah Foxwell

Hannah works on the platform operations team at VMware. Her teams helps organizations put platform teams in place that run their cloud native platform, like Pivotal Cloud Foundry. As she says, the platform team that delivers an internal platform as a service to the developers. Hannah has spent a lot of time finding and working with those operations people who end up being SRE-like, coding folks. They're running those centralized cloud platforms in large organizations...


 2020-02-28  n/a

The kubernetes community, being a good corporate citizen in open source, with Dawn Foster

In this episode, I talk with Dawn Foster about companies working in open source, the kubernetes community, and a few other topics. I was especially interested to hear about the goals of the kubernetes community, what is it that that community wants? We also discuss: the multitude of roles in open source communities, beyond programming or even documentation; why hardware vendors get interested in open source; and what's kept Dawn working in open source all these years.


 2020-02-11  n/a

Where kubernetes starts and app development begins, kubernetes potpourri with Paul Czarkowski

We're kicking off the new year with Paul Czarkowski talking all about kubernetes and…soup. First, we discuss Paul's take on drinking broth, especially bone broth.


 2020-01-27  n/a

A Checklist for API Security with Wim Remes

As a security expert and consultant, Wim Remes (@WimRemes), was fed up with clients using security products that had lacking API security themselves. But he knew that it was a multi-faceted problem that couldn't be addressed in one place. So, he developed a maturity model for security APIs that could serve as a check list for clients evaluating products, procurement teams involved in purchasing security products, and security vendors building the products...


 2019-12-31  n/a