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The kubernetes community, being a good corporate citizen in open source, with Dawn Foster

In this episode, I talk with Dawn Foster about companies working in open source, the kubernetes community, and a few other topics. I was especially interested to hear about the goals of the kubernetes community, what is it that that community wants? We also discuss: the multitude of roles in open source communities, beyond programming or even documentation; why hardware vendors get interested in open source; and what's kept Dawn working in open source all these years.



Where kubernetes starts and app development begins, kubernetes potpourri with Paul Czarkowski

We're kicking off the new year with Paul Czarkowski talking all about kubernetes and…soup. First, we discuss Paul's take on drinking broth, especially bone broth.



A Checklist for API Security with Wim Remes

As a security expert and consultant, Wim Remes (@WimRemes), was fed up with clients using security products that had lacking API security themselves. But he knew that it was a multi-faceted problem that couldn't be addressed in one place. So, he developed a maturity model for security APIs that could serve as a check list for clients evaluating products, procurement teams involved in purchasing security products, and security vendors building the products...


 2019-12-31  n/a

Platform as a product, cloud native education, and 2020 predictions, with Paula Kennedy

In this episode, we talk with Paula Kennedy who heads up our education and platform groups. She talks about the type of education about cloud native development and operations that our customers find useful and also the platform as a product concept and methods. We also go over some predictions for 2020, not all super-nerdy, but mostly.


 2019-12-19  n/a

Developer services and platform operations at AirFrance-KLM

In this episode, Coté talks with AirFrance-KLM's Fabien Lebrere about starting AirFrance-KLM's platform group. They discuss how and why the platform team started, how they determined what they needed to do, and how they're working with developers. Fabien also discusses how to prioritize which services to work on and gives advice for those just starting out. For even more, check out Fabien and friend's presentations from Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 and 2019.


 2019-12-11  n/a

Solving the Last Mile to the Cloud at Intrado

With a mandate to adopt cloud to cut costs, the team at Intrado (formerly known as West Corporation) found themselves stuck in early 2018. They had 600-700 application instances on the Pivotal Platform, but that was far from their projected goal. Why were they stuck? Terry Miles, platform owner at Intrado, describes it as the "last mile" issues, including workflows and processes...


 2019-12-03  n/a

Demetrious Robinson, Labs, and Learning Tech

In this episode we talk with Pivotal's Demetrious Robinson about his experience becoming a programmer, starting with RPG games, learning in Last Mile while in prison, and then through a General Assembly coding Boot Camp and into Pivotal. We also cover recent Pivotal related news with Pivotal Container Service (PKS), PAS on Kubernetes, and the Pivotal Build Service.


 2019-11-26  n/a

Modernizing from Mainframe to .NET Core at Travelers Insurance

Ahead of their January 23 webinar (https://content.pivotal.io/webinars/jan-23-app-modernization-with-net-core-how-travelers-insurance-is-going-cloud-native-webinar), Dormain sat down with Viraj Naik, Lead Solutions Architect at Travelers Insurance, and Rohit Kelaure (https://twitter.com/RKela), Principal Solutions Architect at Pivotal. We talked about why and how the team at Travelers modernized a workload off of the mainframe on to .NET Core running on Pivotal Platform...


 2019-11-21  n/a

Platform Automation and Kubernetes with T-Mobile and Altoros

In this episode of Pivotal Conversations, T-Mobile's Mohammad Salman and Matt Murphy, along with Altoros' Ryan Meharg share insights into building platform automation, deploying and operating PKS, and building trust between teams. See full show notes here: https://content.pivotal.io/podcasts/platform-automation-and-kubernetes-with-t-mobile-and-altoros


 2019-11-15  n/a

Candy corn teeth, or, SpringOne Platform re-cap

With SpringOne Platform over, Danielle Burrow and Bryan Friedman join us to re-cap the conferences, esp. their favorite sessions and some notable fun findings. The news segment also covers Pivotal Application Service 2.7, Azure Spring, and the Pivotal Vanguard program.


 2019-10-15  n/a