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Change Your Mindset with Platform-as-Product, with Stark & Wayne's Dr. Nic

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Stark & Wayne's Dr. Nic Williams discusses why it's important to treat your platform-as-product. The short answer: It results in a more customer-oriented mindset. Listen to the full episode to learn more, including how putting some constraints on developers plays an important role.



The enterprise event loop, multi-cloud, & more, with James Urquhart

This week, we talk with James Urquhart who joined Pivotal recently in the CTO group. We talk about some architectural ideas for converting the enterprise over to an event-driven flow, discuss the reasons for doing multi-cloud, and also what kinds of conversations "executives" find helpful. Coté does a great job mangling Pivotal product names. Also, hot takes on "on-premises" vs. "on-premise."



The Benefits of Boring Infrastructure with Helpful.com's Farhan Thawar

In this episode of Pivotal Insights, Helpful.com's Farhan Thawar* talks about the challenges of building a company from scratch, why it's important to apply smart architectural principals to empower development teams, and why he strives for boring infrastructure. *Editor's note: Helpful.com was acquired by Shopify following the recording of this episode but before its publication. Farhan and the entire Helpful...



Modernizing the Mainframe with Michael Minella

While they are both big and hulking, unlike the dinosaurs the mainframe still walks among us. In this episode of Pivotal Insights, our own Michael Minella makes the case for mainframe modernization and shares lessons learned from the field.


 2019-02-12  n/a

Running Spring Boot apps on kubernetes, and burgers, with Paul Czarkowski

Getting the blinking cursor of kubernetes up and running is only half the job: the other is actually running software in it. While at SpringOne Tour Charlotte, Paul Czarkowski walks Coté through how that's done using the classic Spring Music and Pet store applications. We also discuss burger innovation in Charlotte and the thumb method.


 2019-02-06  n/a

Optimistic about innovation, with John Mitchell

Duke Energy has been working on their software capabilities for some time now. They've recently reached a milestone by opening a brand new innovation center in Charlotte. Coté took a tour of it recently checking out the numerous product teams and their approach to exploring and building strategy, all the way from corporate strategy down to writing code. John also shares a couple of new examples of how lean product management and design in action. Also: gingham.


 2019-01-30  n/a

Using Software to Improve Medication Adherence with Shields Health Solutions

This week our guests are Dan Stevenson and Brandon Zaharoff from Shields Health Solutions, a maker of software solutions for the specialty pharmacy industry. Dan and Brandon talk about the challenges of developing and running a specialty pharmacy, how Shields' software helps ensure patients are taking their medications as directed, and how and why Shields adopted cloud-native software development to build and evolve its flagship product, TelemetryRX.


 2019-01-29  n/a

Pumping the digital transformation bunny at the US Air Force, with Bryon Kroger

Few organizations have or rely on as much software the US Air Force. There's plenty of it around and, thus, plenty to be improved. In recent years, one of the more spectacular digital transformation stories has come from the USAF's work modernizing their Air Operations Control software. In this episode, USAF's Bryon Kroger goes over how they've moved multi-year release cycles to just weeks in the Kessel Run projects...


 2019-01-16  n/a

Scaling Digital Transformation in the Enterprise with Pivotal and Accenture

This week, Pivotal's Mik Freedman and Joey Sabani, both members of the Agile Practice Leadership Enablement team, join Jeff and Dormain to talk about Pivotal's joint work with Accenture, the global consulting firm. This includes collaboration in Accenture's Innovation Hub in Columbus, Ohio, where Pivotal and Accenture work side-by-side with clients to help them scale their digital transformations.


 2019-01-09  n/a


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