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Kubernetes as enterprise architecture, with Rick Clark

In this episode, Rick and I discuss something I've been thinking about recently: kubernetes as an enterprise architecture. As we open up with, kubernetes people like to call it an "API," which always seems weirds to me as a former programmer. But, there's something important that they're getting to: a standard set of interfaces, processes, and data formats that comes together to define a programming and operations model. You know: an enterprise architecture...



Responsible Microservices, with Nate Schutta

Sometimes you feel like a microservice, sometimes you feel like a monolith. In this episode, Coté talks with Nate Schutta about his new book Responsible Microservices: when to use them, when to use a service mesh, the (false?) hope of polyglot programming, monolithic shaming, and giant zucchinis.



SpringOne 2020 Talk Picks

This year's SpringOne conference is packed with great talks. In this episode, Rita and Coté tell you their picks. Go to SpringOne.io to register and attend for free!



You can't do everything at once, large scale app modernizing, part two, with Rohit Kelapure

In part one, Rohit showed how to analyze and sort an application portfolio to find apps that should be modernized first. In part two, we discuss the process of breaking down a monolith. It starts by making sure that everyone agrees on goals and objects.


 2020-08-28  n/a

Learning product management by managing Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys

This week Coté talks with Jen Handler about two of the sessions she’ll be in at the SpringOne conference. They’re both on product management walking through some of the key functions product managers do with a few real world examples. They also discuss Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and the Murder She Wrote/Magnum PI cross-over.


 2020-08-21  n/a

Eating elephants one bite at a time, large scale application modernization with Rohit Kelapure

Whatever you want to call it, “legacy” software is a problem. In one of our recent surveys, 76% of executives said they are too invested in legacy applications to change how they do software. It can seem hard, but fixing that blocker is possible. As with all things in software, there is no quick fix, it just takes discipline, work, and time. In this episode, Coté talks with VMware Tanzu’s Rohit Kelapure who’s been working in application modernization for years...


 2020-07-31  n/a

DataOps and home haircuts, with Bob Glithero

With all the attention on application development, it’s easy to forget about data. Just as agile, DevOps, and cloud native have changed app development, those improvements have changed the world of data as well. In this episode, Bob Glithero tells us all about it. We also discuss haircutting strategies.


 2020-07-15  n/a

Making Time To Fail In Order To Learn: John Paice on the Journey from vSphere pro to DevOps pro

“Taking a course on Kubernetes is helpful, but it’s also really helpful to just fail at it." Failing at anything feels uncomfortable. But, as John Paice, a platform reliability engineer at DICK's Sporting Goods points notes, failing at something can be the best way to learn it. In this episode, Dormain talks to John about his journey from a HyperV and vSphere expert to one of the founding members of the DICK's Sporting Goods platform engineering team...


 2020-06-30  n/a

It's all about containers now

Container usage is finally getting big time in the enterprise. Gartner is estimated a 34% growth rate, going up to $1bn by 2024. With new co-host, Rita, we look at what “containers” and “cloud native” has become as a market. Our conversation starters this episode are about checking in on how much executives are actually transforming and discussing trade-offs in decision making. Also: olive oil. Full show notes: http://tanzu.vmware.com/podcast


 2020-06-23  n/a

Process, Automation, and Continuous Everything: Analyst Report Insights

In this episode, I (Dormain) am joined by Rita Manachi (@ritam) and Derrick Harris (@derrickharris) to dissect three analyst reports: *Forrester's Top 10 Trends That Will Shape Modern Infrastructure and Operations in 2020 *Gartner's Application Modernization Should Be Business-Centric, Continuous, and Multiplatform *Gartner's Best Practices to Enable Continuous Delivery with Containers and DevOps What we observe are that many of these insights and recommendations are related to each other...


 2020-05-29  n/a