Programming Throwdown

Programming Throwdown educates Computer Scientists and Software Engineers on a cavalcade of programming and tech topics. Every show will cover a new programming language, so listeners will be able to speak intelligently about any programming language.

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episode 114: Code Documentation with Omer Rosenbaum and Tim Post

What makes for good documentation? In this episode, we dive into one of the most important yet overlooked facets of coding. With us are Omer Rosenbaum and Tim Post of Swimm is an app that allows you to create docs coupled with your code, which a



episode 113: Episode 113 - Full Stack Web Apps Using Only Python with Meredydd Luff

In this episode, we’re excited to have Meredydd Luff, the founder of Anvil. Anvil is a powerful tool that allows you to build full stack web apps with just Python. Without the need to be fluent in Javascript or other languages, Anvil is easy enough for be



episode 112: Trees

In another duo episode, Jason and Patrick give an in-depth introduction to trees, their many types, approaches and functions, and their importance in modern programming. Also, peppered throughout the episode are the games, books, tools, and ideas that hav


 2021-05-12  1h27m

episode 111: Episode 111: Real-time Data Streaming with Frank McSherry

In this episode, we talk with Frank McSherry, Gödel Prize-winning data scientist, and Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Materialize, Inc. Frank shares expert viewpoints drawn from his years as an academic, as well as personal insights on helping run a com


 2021-05-05  1h34m

episode 110: Episode 110: Security with Dotan Nahum

Programming Throwdown talks cybersecurity with Dotan Nahum, CEO and Co-founder of Spectral. Dotan provides us with a high-level overview of the role of cybersecurity, its definition, evolution, and current challenges. He also shares tips for small- and me


 2021-04-26  1h7m

episode 109: Digital Marketing with Kevin Urrutia

We chat with Kevin Urrutia about why marketing is so important to any project, how digital marketing is different than traditional marketing, and what tools we can use to market our ideas. Thanks for listening! Show notes: https://www.programmingthrow


 2021-03-31  1h22m

episode 108: Kotlin

We’re having a duo episode for this month! Patrick and I discuss the relevance of Kotlin, a JVM language used for web backends and android development, and why you should look into it. Also we are testing out adding transcripts to the show notes. Let


 2021-03-03  1h14m

episode 107: Holiday 2020!

Happy Holidays! In this show we make predictions about 2021 and take questions from YOU, our loyal fans! Show notes:


 2021-01-29  1h7m

episode 106: Augmented Reality

This month we are speaking with Connel Gauld from Zappar about Augmented Reality. Connel is an AR genius and blows our mind with details on how AR works under the hood and how it's easy for anyone to make AR apps and websites. AR is the next great platf


 2020-11-21  1h22m

episode 105: A Chatbot with a Brain

The September episode did arrive.... somewhat delayed, but it's worth the wait!! We have NEW INTRO MUSIC by amazing recording artist Eric Barndollar. We have a NEW PODCAST DEPLOYMENT SCRIPT which means the podcast timestamp will be correct and people wo


 2020-10-15  1h22m