Programming Throwdown

Programming Throwdown attempt to educate Computer Scientists and Software Engineers on a cavalcade of programming and tech topics. Every show will cover a new programming language, so listeners will be able to speak intelligently about any programming language.



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      Julia may be the most requested language we have ever received on the show, so Patrick and I took some time of the past few weeks to get familiar with Julia and share our findings. Overall, it's a really slick language that has data and process parallelism built into the langauge, so it will run on many threads or even many machines without having to design a communication system by hand. Show Notes:



      Code Documentation

      Writing documentation is an art and there aren't many cut-and-dry rules that will guarantee the right documentation quality. In this episode Patrick and I chat about our lessons learned and also cover a bunch of ways to document and write self-documenting code. Show Notes:


       2018-04-04  1h24m


      Ever want to build your own robot? We explain how to do this using Arduino! Show notes:


       2018-03-05  1h38m

      Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts

      Today we discuss Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts with Amy Wan, CEO of Sagewise. Amy has a legal background and combines this with expertise in cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICOs, and smart contracts. Show Notes:


       2018-01-30  58m

      Parallel Computing with Incredibuild

      How can you use all of the computers in your lab/office at the same time to speed up tasks? Today we talk with Dori Exterman, CTO of Incredibuild, about parallel computing and the awesome tool Incredibuild has created that can run any multi-process program on several machines. Show Notes:


       2017-12-19  1h5m


      How can you maintain a separate version of your app/site in all langauges and locales? How do you handle right-to-left text, various currencies, and a bunch of languages with non-ascii characters? We explain all this and more in Internationalization! Show notes:


       2017-11-28  1h6m

      Office Spaces

      Today, we are going to talk about... office space! Not the hilarious 1999 movie directed by Mike Judge, but modern office spaces for engineers and developers. We cover office setups, desk setups, amenities, and more! We won't cover IDEs (check out episode 55 for that) but we do cover how to code comfortably. Show Notes:


       2017-10-30  1h21m

      COBOL and Mainframe Computing

      Did you know that there was a programming language co-invented by a consortium of government offices and top businesses (at the time)? Today we talk about that language: COBOL, and also discuss the mainframe computers of that era that ran COBOL. Show notes:


       2017-09-28  1h20m

      Puzzle Games with Mark Engelberg

      Today we chat with Mark Engelberg about his background in software engineering and game design. Show notes:


       2017-08-17  1h52m

      Soft Skills with SimpleProgrammer

      Today we chat with John Sonmez about soft skills: communication, self-motivation, learning to learn, and negotiation, Show notes:


       2017-07-19  1h43m