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      Concertgoer, Sniper:Tom Mulcair, Boston Poutine, STC Bus Route, Grenfell Cladding, and mroe

      Reaching a crescendo before the performance even began. Our guest says she was assaulted twice at a concert by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra -- and she believes it was racially motivated.



      Boston is doing 'horrific' things to poutine, warns magazine writer

      A Canadian expat has taken to the pages of Boston Magazine to decry what he sees as the city's "poutine problem"



      Sears Restructure, House of Commons indigenous Language, CIA Snack Theft, Funeral Song, Bee House, Exploding Whipped Cream and more

      A catalogue of catastrophe. When Sears Canada announces store closures, serious layoffs, and "restructuring", the former CEO says the retailer's failure could have been avoided -- but now, it can't.



      Langevin Building, Racist Patient, Lube Ban, ID Leak, Marian Hossa, New Ken Doll, and more

      Rename, or remain the same? The Prime Minister announces an Ottawa building will no longer be named after an architect of the residential school system -- but a former Conservative MP calls that a mistake.



      Boxing Death, Security Bill: Goodale, Bulla Matari Ad, Flooded Art, Belgium Fries, Hollywood Money Laundering and more

      A victory and a loss. After being knocked out in Edmonton, heavyweight Tim Hague dies of his injuries -- and tonight, the man who landed that fateful punch tells us how his moment of triumph turned to horror.



      Portugal Fire, Highway of Tears, Irish Babies, Finsbury Paris Attack, Julius Ceaser, Math Line and more.

      Conditions critical. It began with a lightning strike, and with the help of heat and high winds, it's become the worst forest fire in Portugal's history -- an enormous inferno that our guest was lucky to survive.



      Helmut Kohl: Mulroney, Amazon-Whole Foods, Vegetable Names, Supreme Court of Canada Delays, Balloon Ban, Joshua Wong and more

      The architect of modern Germany. Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney remembers German Chancellor Helmut Kohl -- and their fight to re-unite Germany inside a united Europe.



      Syrian Fire Victim, Turkey Protest Charges, Raccoon Attack, Devil Horns TM, Emoluments Lawsuit, Hair Piano Teacher, and more

      He left chaos for safety. But three years after escaping the war in Syria for a new life in the U.K., Mohammad Al-Haj Ali died in the fire that consumed a London high-rise in the early hours of Wednesday morning.



      UK Fire: Witness, Handmaid's Protest, Alex Jones Interview, Red-Tailed Hawk Adoption and more

      Up in smoke. A 24-storey high-rise in West London is consumed by fire, and while the neighbourhood and the world were watching in horror, our guest left his house down the street to take action.



      Jeff Sessions Testimony, Raqqa Citizens, Kevin Durant's Mom, Italy Olive Trees, Troll Cake and more

      Attorney General knowledge. There are no major bombshells in Jeff Sessions' testimony before a Senate committee, but tension continues to simmer -- because of the answers he gave, and the answers he didn't.