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We host a weekly show out of Boise, ID covering the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. On occasion we also do interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community.

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episode 30: Jew Power with Joshie Berger, part 1

Introduction Boise Pride, with the Boy Scouts! Happy Birthday GSoW! Wesley and Sam Feedback Rory on 3D printed food Charles on E29 Mike on Miranda Supporters Randall Rus THIS DAY IN HISTORY – June 27 1829 – Smithson dies and leave[...]


 2013-07-03  1h43m

episode 29: The Heretics Guide to Mormons with David Fitzgerald

Intro Welcome Vance! Help Teresa MacBain be a part of the Freethinker Panel at the Religious News Writers Conference FBB’s Humanist Crisis Response raises more than $44,000 for OK tornado victims Feedback Charles’ art Amy Dominic Richard [...]


 2013-06-17  2h1m

episode 28: The honorary last episode of Chariots of Iron

INTRO One year down! New theme music is on its way. We are joined by Eli and Lamar of Chariots of Iron. I have uploaded the Chariots of Iron archives to our sever. FEEDBACK – Oh so much THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 30 1431 – Joan of Arc mart[...]


 2013-06-02  1h33m

episode 27: Guerrilla Skepticism with Susan Gerbic

Recorded on 2013-05-09 and 2013-05-10 for release on 2013-05-16 INTRO Our next episode will be the one year anniversary show! LISTENER CONTEST Tara Vance Cassandra FEEDBACK – None this time around THIS DAY IN HISTORY May 16 1717 – Vol[...]


 2013-05-17  1h56m

episode 26: Bouncing Around with Jay Novella

Atheist Nomads Episode 26 – Bouncing Around with Jay Novella 0:00:25 INTRO Wesley’s report on Reason Fest Contest Prize – Autographed copy of Shelley Segal’s An Atheist Album The Rules – Tell us why it’s important to be an out at[...]


 2013-05-04  1h59m

episode 25: Foundation Beyond Belief with Dale McGowan

Recorded 04/06/13 for release on 04/18/13 This is a live episode, you can find the video on YouTube and since we did the whole thing live on the Hangout on Air, All the editing I’ve done is clean up the audio and truncate the silence, otherwis[...]


 2013-04-18  1h34m

episode 24: We are Atheism with Amanda Brown

Recorded for release on 2013-04-04. 0:00:25 INTRO Dustin’s New Equipment Wesley’s furlough has been reduced NFA 5 Was Canceled New Plans for Episode 25 – Recording live as a Google Hangout on Air on 2013-04-06 at 2:00 PM MDT. 0:0[...]


 2013-04-05  1h57m

episode 23: Hispanic Atheists with Jose Alvarado

Recorded 03/09/13 for release on 03/21/13 INTRO THIS DAY IN HISTORY, March 21st 1800 – Pope Pius VII was crowned with a papier-mâché tiara 1980 – Wesley, your not so humble host is born 1980 – Carter tells U.S. athletes of Olympic[...]


 2013-03-21  2h1m

episode 22: Nailed with David Fitzgerald

Recorded on 2013-03-02 for release on 2013-03-07 INTRO Don’t forget to to register for the Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference FEEDBACK Russ about NFA5 accommodations “Pastor” Dustin and porn FBB 2500 Member drive THIS DAY IN HISTORY [...]


 2013-03-07  1h52m

episode 21: The Hereafter

Recorded on 02/17/13 for release on 02/21/13 INTRO You can help support the Atheist Nomads Adding Libsyn for CDN file hosting Considering dropping Ogg support Moving the feed to Feedburner If each of our current listeners donate $0.67 per year our[...]


 2013-02-25  1h33m