Buzzcast is a roundtable discussion about podcasting from the people at Buzzsprout. We'll cover current events and news, podcast strategy, tools we are using, and dip into the Customer Support mailbag to test our podcasting knowledge. If you want to stay up-to-date on what's working in podcasting, Buzzcast is the show for you.

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episode 60: Going Viral on TikTok + Buzzcast's First Game Show

In this episode, Travis is back from paternity leave to discuss the new features rolling out to Buzzsprout customers, Alban breaks down how one podcast leveraged TikTok to 10x their audience, and we play the very first edition of "This or That"

Links from this episode:

  • The viral TikTok video that catapulted Marked Safe Podcasts' downloads (mildly explicit)
  • Alban's full breakdown

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 2021-09-24  45m

*face palm*

This is what happens when Travis goes on Paternity Leave...


 2021-09-17  1m

episode 59: Podcasting 2.0 with Dave Jones + Video Buzzcast Update [transcript]

In this episode, the crew discusses why we're hitting pause on uploading Buzzcast to YouTube, Dave Jones joins the show to talk about Podcasting 2.0, and we open up the mailbag to answer your podcasting questions.

Links from this episode:

  • Check out Podcast Index
  • Zapier for automated social media posts
  • How to Rebrand Your Podcast

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 2021-08-27  1h0m

Branded Podcasts and Getting Featured in Apple with Fatima Zaidi [transcript]

Fatima Zaidi, founder of Quill Podcasting, shares why brands are creating podcasts to connect with customers, the power of building a personal brand as a podcast, and a little known strategy for getting your podcast listed in Apple's New & Noteworthy section.

Fill out the Apple Podcasts Promotion Request form for a chance to be featured in New & Noteworthy.

Check out Quill Podcasting and follow Fatima on Twitter...


 2021-08-20  1h2m

episode 58: Podcast Movement 2021 Recap + Apple's Woes Continue [transcript]

In this episode, Kevin explains the new custom RSS tag feature inside of Buzzsprout, the crew recap the big news coming out of Podcast Movement (especially pertaining to a certain Mark Cuban-owned Clubhouse clone), and we talk about what all of Apple's problems mean for indie creators...


 2021-08-13  53m

The Life-Changing Power of Podcasts with Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar shares what it was like being a podcaster before it was "cool," how to capitalize on having your podcast featured or promoted, and the unique struggles facing female podcasters.

Listen to Elsie's show, "She Podcasts," and join the She Podcasts FB Group.

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 2021-08-06  1h21m

episode 57: Spotify Launches Open Access Monetization + Dynamic Content 2.0 [transcript]

In this episode, we discuss several new features that just rolled out in Buzzsprout, how to make the most of Podcast Movement 2021, and Jason from Supercast joins the show to dive into Spotify's new Open Access monetization feature...


 2021-07-30  59m

episode 56: Is Audacity spying on you?? + The truth about Podcast SEO [transcript]

In this episode, Kevin returns to talk about the new Buzzcast YouTube channel, an update on the new Apple Podcasts app rollout, and what really matters when it comes to SEO in podcast listening apps...


 2021-07-16  50m

Lessons From 17 Years of Podcasting with Evo Terra [transcript]

Evo Terra discusses the changes he's seen in the podcasting industry over the last 17 years, advice for independent podcasters, whether or not your mic makes a difference, and why you should totally go to a podcast conference.

Listen to Evo's show, "Podcast Pontifications"

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 2021-07-09  1h8m

episode 55: Will Facebook be good for podcasting? + Amazon buys Art19 [transcript]

In this episode, Tom Buck joins the crew to discuss Amazon's recent acquisitions, Facebook's new social audio features, and going from a 9-to-5 career to being a full-time YouTuber.

Check out Tom's YouTube channel and his podcast, The Enthusiasm Project...


 2021-07-02  56m