Buzzcast is a roundtable discussion about podcasting from the people at Buzzsprout. We'll cover current events and news, podcast strategy, tools we are using, and dip into the Customer Support mailbag to test our podcasting knowledge. If you want to stay up-to-date on what's working in podcasting, Buzzcast is the show for you.

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episode 54: Create Premium Content in Apple Podcasts + Growing a Niche Audience [transcript]

In this episode, Jordan fills in for Kevin to discuss the new monetization strategy inside of Apple Podcasts, tips to get the most out of Affiliate Marketing, and how to grow your podcast to 1,000 listeners and beyond.

Watch our Apple Podcasts Announcements playlist on the Buzzsprout YouTube channel.

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 2021-06-18  50m

episode 53: It's a Buzzcast Takeover! [transcript]

Get ready for a Buzzcast takeover!

In this episode, Krystal + Jordan + Kerry Ann hijack Buzzcast from the guys to give their take on podcasting.

Topics Discussed:

  • Great ideas to help you podcast during the summer months (so you can take a vacation).
  • The encouraging power of podcast communities.
  • The latest curveballs in the Apple Podcasts updates saga...


 2021-06-04  44m

episode 52: Is Clubhouse Dead? + Apple Podcasts Update [transcript]

In this episode we discuss three brand new features you can find in your Buzzsprout account, an update on Apple Podcasts Connect and the buggy app rollout, and reminisce on the good ol' days when Clubhouse was a thing...


 2021-05-21  49m

episode 51: How I Built This: Buzzsprout [transcript]

In this special edition of Buzzcast, hear from Buzzsprout's cofounders Tom and Kevin as they recount how the company was first started, important decisions that shaped the culture at Buzzsprout, and why the future is bright for podcasting.

Special shoutout to the podcast that inspired the format for this week's special episode, "How I Built This with Guy Raz...


 2021-05-10  43m

 2021-05-07  1m

episode 50: Apple Podcasts Subscriptions + Facebook Copying Clubhouse?

In this episode we break down all the announcements about Apple Podcasts and discuss Facebook's new venture into the world of social audio.

[WARNING] Don't log in to Podcast Connect as there have been recent reports of people's shows being inadvertently removed from Apple Podcasts. We expect this bug to get fixed in the coming days...


 2021-04-23  1h6m

How to become a Full-Time Podcaster with Courtney Fretwell [transcript]

Buzzsprout podcaster Courtney Fretwell shares her journey of leaving her job in criminal justice to pursue podcasting full-time.

Listen to Courtney's Podcast, "Forensic Tales"

Links from this interview:

  • How to take a break from your podcast
  • Patreon
  • Teepublic
  • Podcorn
  • Power Up Podcasting Course

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 2021-04-16  41m

episode 49: Spotify just passed Apple Podcasts (and why it matters) [transcript]

In this episode we break down the Buzzsprout global stats from March (hint: Spotify is the new #1 app), discuss Podcorn's recent acquisition, and have some fun with a 3D podcast audience graph.

Check out Buzzsprout's Global Stats for March 2021 and see what else Buzzcast listeners are subscribed to...


 2021-04-09  38m

How to Succeed in Podcasting with Pat Flynn [transcript]

In this bonus episode, Pat Flynn shares his top tips for creating a successful podcast, building a tribe of Superfans, and how to monetize with a small audience.

More resources from Pat:

  • "Power Up Podcasting" Course
  • "Superfans" Book
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast
  • Pat Flynn's YouTube Channel

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 2021-04-02  1h3m

episode 48: Big changes coming to Apple Podcasts and Spotify? [transcript]

In this episode, we discuss Apple Podcasts crossing 2 Million shows, the rumor mill on upcoming changes to both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and dig into some listener questions

Links from today's episode

  • Apply to work at Buzzsprout

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 2021-03-26  53m