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How do you go from comfortable affluence to real wealth? Listen to the Capital Gains podcast, by, with host and professional real estate investor Jonathan Twombly. In interviews with top professionals, we'll discuss alternative investments you might not have known about that can help you go beyond merely obtaining a passive income to growing your asset base and becoming truly wealthy.


Power Lessons From a Successful Entrepreneur with Tony Coretto

Becoming a successful entrepreneur. It’s a vague dream most of us have that we’re not really sure how to define. We have that entrepreneurial itch, we’ve even build a small business of our own, but we don’t really know what it takes to make it...


 2016-09-13  1h7m

Medical Marijuana From An Investment Standpoint with Asher Troppe of Tress Capital

Medical marijuana is big business. Or at least it’s going to be. Think back to what happened to the alcohol industry once prohibition was lifted. Many companies sprang up overnight and the financial boom it was for smart investors was unheard of....


 2016-09-06  59m

Venture Capital Funding with Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Charlie O'Donnell is the sole partner and founder at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. His fund makes seed and pre-seed investments to startups and was the first venture firm located in Brooklyn, the place Charlie was born and raised. Charlie’s got a...


 2016-08-18  1h5m

Passive Investing in Real Estate with Joe Fairless

It’s a proven fact that the return on investment (ROI) for the typical real estate deal far exceeds what you’ll see in the typical wall street investment. But the risks are - well - different. There’s a tremendous learning curve when it comes to...


 2016-08-18  57m