The official podcast of Bitcoin crashes. Hosted by Aaron Lammer & Jay Caspian Kang.

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episode 28: #28: ???? Book Club, "The Bitcoin Standard" (Part 2)

The Fake Internet Money Book Club returns with our second episode on "The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking" by Saifedean Ammous.


 2018-06-04  1h13m

episode 27: #27: ???? Book Club, "The Bitcoin Standard" (Part 2)

Jay and Aaron read Saifedean Ammous' 'The Bitcoin Standard' Chapters 4-7 and talk about time preference, the Keynesian vs Austrian School worldview, and why Ammous' seems to hate rap.


 2018-05-30  1h2m

episode 26: #26: ???? ???? Penguin Jetpacks w/ Nathaniel Popper from NYT

An interview with the New York Time's Bitcoin reporter Nathaniel Popper PLUS the Consensus yacht-party timeshare video and the rebranding of Aaron's beloved Sumokoin.


 2018-05-23  1h9m

episode 25: #25: Fear and Loathing at a Cryptokitty Auction ????

Jay visits Ethereal and witnesses Mike Novogratz bidding on an auction for a $140,000 Cryptokitty, ZCash listed on Gemini, GAMBLING IS TOTALLY LEGAL NOW says the Supreme Court


 2018-05-17  1h1m

episode 24: #24: ???? Book Club, "The Bitcoin Standard" (Part 1)

Aaron and Jay kick off the Fake Internet Money book club by talking about Chapters 1-3 of Safidean Ammous' book "The Bitcoin Standard." Should still be fun even if you haven't listened.


 2018-05-14  43m

episode 23: #23: Are Ripple (XRP) Fans Bots?

Laura Shin vs Ripple Inc.: Who the hell are these XRP stans? Bots? Coins in Pop Culture: HBO's Silicon Valley goes ICO. Post-Apocalyptic BTC Spec Scripts: The Bunker with Billions in Bitcoin


 2018-05-11  48m

episode 22: #22: ????️ The Bitcoin-Ransoming of w/ Brady Dale from CoinDesk

We talk to Brady Dale, who covers ICOs and more for CoinDesk, plus: the BTC-ransoming of, Kanye mentions Bitcoin and the market doesn't care, Stephon Marbury has " joined China’s Sun Seven Stars Investment Group as chairman of its new spor


 2018-05-03  1h13m

episode 21: #21: Will ZRX Be the Next Coin Added to Coinbase? ????????????

Deep Dive: 0x (ZRX)// VCs lobby for safe haven for ETH and its many children // Letters to the Blockchain


 2018-04-27  53m

episode 20: #20: The Return of FOMO Kang w/ Doug Kim

Spring is here and FOMO Kang has awaken. We invite poker shark / actor Doug Kim back to the show and talk Cambridge Analytica-coin, crypto-weed, why alts hurt at tax time, and the mysterious hackings of crypto-personalities like Ian Balina.


 2018-04-20  58m

episode 19: #19: Alt Spring on the Campus Quad

Jay & Aaron reawaken from hibernation to ask “Is this really alt season?”


 2018-04-13  54m