The official podcast of Bitcoin crashes. Hosted by Aaron Lammer & Jay Caspian Kang.

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episode 7: #7: Giancarlo 2020 (The Senate Hearings on Bitcoin) / Augur (REP) Wants You To Hack Them

Aaron & Jay listen in on CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo's hero-making comments to the Senate, try to understand why exchanges are so opaque, and lay bets the first prediction market on the Augur (REP) platform.


 2018-02-09  49m

episode 6: #6: How Low Can You Go? / Jameson Lopp Interview

Aaron and Jay answer some Twitter questions at the entire crypto market crashes before their eyes, then find some solace in an interview with Bitcoin veteran Jameson Lopp.


 2018-02-02  1h0m

episode 5: #5: Tether (USDT) is the new Disneybucks

Aaron and Jay try to understand how Tether works and whether its collapse could bring down the entire crypto house of cards.


 2018-01-30  53m

episode 4: #4: "Do You Guys Even Believe in Crypto?" / Own Your Own Casino w/ Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel

Aaron & Jay answer a provocative mailbag question as to whether they even fundamentally believe in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, then talk about the coin winter, the electricity consumption that Bitcoin mining produces, the Ethereum hacky-sack mentality


 2018-01-23  56m

episode 3: #3: We Survived the Crash w/ Doug Kim

The biggest Bitcoin crash in over 2 years has come and gone—and we still don't totally understand what happened. We talk hodling, panic selling, and why each successive crash in your own crypto history is easier (and funnier?) than the last with professio


 2018-01-19  41m

episode 2: #2: Korean Crypto-Mania and the Kimchi Spread

An interview with Nathan Park, an attorney who has been active in crypto regulations in the Korean market, about why Korea caught crypto fever, the massive "Kimchi Premium" paid on Korean exchanges like Bithumb and its ties to Chinese mining and money-la


 2018-01-16  48m

episode 1: #1: @Ledgerstatus on Learning and Teaching Trading

Aaron and Jay ask their favorite Twitter trader @ledgerstatus what every crypto noob should know, plus C.E.S.' saddest product the "Kodak Kashminer," blockchain dentistry, Toshi serfdom and highlights from a Warren Buffett interview on Bitcoin.


 2018-01-11  1h3m

#0 Preview / Ripple Mania and Sumokoin Feudalism

Introducing COIN TALK —a new show for crypto-noobs. An overview of the show, plus a bonus chat about Ripple mania, how Aaron became a Sumokoin ($SUMO) baron, and why Jay draws no distinction between altcoin buying and sports gambling.


 2018-01-08  32m