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episode 86: How Hackers Took Control of Twitter

Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai hosts this special episode of Cyber. He's joined by Joseph Cox, who reported on the Twitter hack that had the accounts of Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Apple amongst others tweet out a cryptocurrency ...


 2020-07-23  35m

episode 85: The Hacker Who's Hacking Ventilators to Save Lives

It’s a tale as old as our digital era: Tech enthusiasts wanting to repair their devices without the authorization of the company that makes them. Apple, for example, is notoriously awful at allowing users access to easy fixes of iPhones or Macbooks and...


 2020-07-16  45m

episode 84: Hit Men, Drug Traffickers: The Criminal Phone Service Hacked By Cops

It’s straight out of a hacking thriller: drug dealers. Murderers. Extortionists. Traffickers. Hit men. All using an encrypted network to openly talk about their illicit trades, amassing millions in messages. Then, like the magical hacks of ...


 2020-07-09  29m

episode 83: Is America Still Number One At Hacking?

It used to be that American hackers and the NSA were the unquestionable world’s best. Following the many revelations from the Snowden leaks, it became clear the U.S. government had not only violated the civil liberties of American citizens, but the NSA...


 2020-07-02  39m

episode 82: Huawei's Chief Security Officer on 5G and Government Spying

The US government is in a race with China to provide the world with 5G networks. Some call it the new arms race, as both Washington and Beijing go from country to country trying to negotiate for its companies to provide the future of the internet’s arc...


 2020-06-25  50m

episode 81: The Story of A Robot FBI Agent And Another American Revolution

On CYBER this week, we’re talking about a novel that frightfully depicts a not-so-distant future where FBI agents work with robot partners and terrorists meet up inside video games.


 2020-06-18  1h18m

episode 80: Is Anonymous Really Back?

Back in 2011 during Occupy Wall Street protests, a certain hacktivist collective truly came into its own. The years since Anonymous exploded in popularity and even became the constant pop culture reference point to all hacktivism or even, just...


 2020-06-11  31m

episode 79: It's Now the Military Industrial Complex Versus Protestors

Well, it’s a hell of a time to be alive. After a brutalizing pandemic, fit with stay at home orders and government indecision, something else happened. The cold blooded murder of unarmed black man George Floyd by a white cop in Minneapolis has set off ...


 2020-06-04  23m

episode 78: The Privacy Concerns Behind App Based Contact Tracing

If you’ve been listening to the news, chances are you’ve heard about it incessantly: contact tracing.But what is it exactly? And what are the surveillance and privacy issues surrounding it? Will yet another app that tracks your movements really be the...


 2020-05-28  37m

episode 77: The FBI Can Now Search Your Browser History

Since the dawn of the Patriot Act, a sweeping surveillance bill enacted shortly after 9/11, it’s been both the bane of privacy hawks and the favourite tool of the Intelligence Community. But lately, the Senate, courtesy of Mitch McConnell, helped the I...


 2020-05-21  45m