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Discouraged, disappointed, need a little encouragement this week in your life, I believe this podcast will be for you. Every two weeks, I will have a new guest on the show to encourage and inspire you to get through your week and help you with your life. I began this podcast because I love encouraging people and giving them a little inspiration in their lives. I hope that you enjoy each podcast.

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episode 11: Interview with Rev. Michael Scholtes, Dealing with Depression

Michael Scholtes is the author of "Darkwater: A Pastor's Memoir of Depression and Faith." He is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and has lived with depression for most of his life. He talks openly about the intersection of mental illness and faith, and finds these discussions to be healing and helpful for everyone involved.

I have known depression inside and out since childhood, including two hospital stays and multiple suicide attempts...



episode 10: Interview with Erik Allen

Erik Allen, raised in a broken home, battled addictions, jailed at 18, bankrupt at 21 only to turn everything around. Gave my life to Jesus at 24 and now 17+ years sober, beautiful wife, two kids, Host of The Erik Allen Show, John Maxwell Certified Coach, help men of faith feel confident in sharing their redemption stories & help entrepreneurs get known and noticed online!

Here are some other things Eric endured in his life...


 2023-05-03  27m

episode 9: Interview with Financial coach Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich is a financial coach married to a butterfly-chasing spender so he gets it. His new book Simple Money, Rich Life is the operating manual he and his wife Linda (a middle-class couple) followed to pay off over $400k of debt and reach a personal goal of giving $1 million by age 40. He currently lives in Franklin, TN with Linda and their three children...


 2023-04-19  36m

episode 8: Interview with Michael Jacquith

In this episode of the Dorsey Ross Show, I speak with Dr. Michael Jacquith, and we talk about different topics, such as Pornography, and control, we talk about how to make changes to the struggles that we have in our lives. We also talk about different types of abuses that we deal with in our lives. We talk about faith, and how Michael stubbornly returned to his faith in Jesus. We also talk about different emotions, and how they play a part in a man's life...


 2023-04-05  30m

episode 7: In this episode I Interview Sylvia Warsham

Sylvia Worsham received three miracles in 72 hours during Easter weekend in 2012. She traded-off her multiple award-winning sales careers at Pfizer & Roche, to become the International Best-Selling Author, Multi-Lingual Speaker and Turning Points Coach she is today. Sylvia lives her passion by helping corporate and professional women who are in deep spiritual change in life, to navigate towards their divine soul’s purpose and align to their soul’s identity...


 2023-03-22  35m

episode 6: Crazy Faith, God is God, and God is good, regardless of your circumstances

This is my interview with Paul Granger, where Paul shares his story of Faith, not only ordinary Faith but a story of Crazy Faith. He is a podcast host, of the show, Where did you see God? 

When asked who he is, Paul likes to say "an ambassador of Christ," because he's learned that this is the true job God's given him...


 2023-03-08  48m

episode 6: Forgiving the Nightmare my interview with author and Pastor Mark Sowersby

Meet Mark Sowersby.  Speaker.  Writer.  Pastor.  In 2019 Pastor Mark went through a time of great healing.  He began speaking about the nightmare of abuse and years of suffering he experienced in his childhood.  And how condemnation, shame, and guilt were replaced with forgiveness, joy, and life in abundance.   

Mark Sowersby is author of Forgiving the nightmare where he shares his story, of abuse, neglect, torture, and much more...


 2023-02-22  37m

episode 5: We Have Hope, My Interview with Coach Jay Mills

In this episode, I interview Coach Jay Mills, now pastor and speaker.  He shares the story of his coaching career and his faith in what God has done and is doing in his life.  Enjoy this episode of faith and sports.  

During his collegiate coaching career, Mills was recognized as an innovator, motivator, and team builder, helping both individuals and programs alike to reach their full potential...


 2023-02-08  32m

My Interview with RL Shawver, and the Son that was not Supposed to Survive.

R.L. Shawver is a Christ follower, a husband, and father of two.  His book "For This Child I Have Prayed" covers how he learned first hand how to wage spiritual war for his infant son, who underwent 6 heart surgeries his first 18 months. He gives a firts hand view of what its like to wrestle with God to see your son healed. 

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 2023-01-25  45m

episode 4: Interview with Christine Handy

A mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, an International speaker, an accomplished model, Best selling author, and a Nationally recognized Humanitarian. Christine Handy has seen it all and has overcome all odds. Christine’s motto is: There is always Purpose in Pain, but we have to be willing to share the story. Her life-long passion for writing has finally come full circle with an incredible story to share...


 2023-01-11  25m