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EEVblog #1158 – How To Create PCB Mod Boards

PCB mod boards are useful for a whole range of applications and scenarios from production to upgrades, repair, and hacks. Dave shows you several examples and talks about creating manufacturing panels for them, along with castellations, V-Scoring,


 2018-12-17  17m

EEVblog #1157 – Transistor Zener Clamp Circuit

A look at the dual bipolar transistor zener clamp circuit, and it’s usefulness as a fast low leakage overload clamp. The first part is lifted from video #1000 with 12 minutes of extra commentary. Interview with Dave Taylor,


 2018-12-17  19m

EEVblog #1156 – Focal Professional CMS40 Studio Monitor Teardown

A look inside the die-cast alloy Focal Professional CMS40 active nearfield studio monitor speakers. Forum HERE


 2018-12-17  14m

EEVblog #1155 – Mailbag

More from the Mailbag. MailbagPO Box 7949Baulkham Hills NSW 2153AUSTRALIA SPOILERS:CrowPi Raspberry Pi Learning kitAnd scratch programming.Mr FusionPlay With Junk Youtube channelLED Claytons Nixie Clock kit & Muzio – Music Reactive Led LampSipeed MAIX ...


 2018-12-17  33m

EEVblog #1154 – Surprising 4K Dumpster TV Fault

A surprising fault in the 4K LG Dumpster TV. Using the block diagram and schematic to track down the likely culprit and reflowing the BGA’s in an attempt to fix the fault. Forum HERE


 2018-12-14  29m

EEVblog #1153 – 1970’s Programmable Calculator Teardown

Let’s do some programming, early 1970’s style with a teardown of the Canon Canola SX-100 Programmable Calculator Forum HERE


 2018-12-13  38m

EEVblog #1152 – 240V-120V = Magic Smoke!

Dave’s 120V Weller WE1010 released the magic smoke when plugged into 240V… PEBKAC for sure, but a potentially dangerous design flaw too? Forum HERE


 2018-12-13  19m

EEVblog #1151 – Dumpster Dive Yamaha Receiver

Dave finds a sweet Yamaha RX-V579 surround sound receiver with all the bell and whistles in the dumpster! Forum HERE Update video:


 2018-12-04  13m

EEVblog #1150 – Electrostatic Speaker Teardown

How do Electrostatic loadspeakers work? Teardown of the BenQ Trevolo S Electrostatic bluetooth speaker. Forum HERE


 2018-12-04  33m

EEVblog #1149 – How An Electrostatic Whiteboard Works

How an electrostatic adhesion Coulomb Force whiteboard works. Plus teardown and measurement. Forum HERE


 2018-12-04  14m