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EEVblog #1197 – DIY PCB Etching With Water

Experimenting with etching your own PCB’s by concentrating existing ferric chloride levels in tap water. How well does it work? Forum HERE


 2019-04-14  15m

EEVblog #1196 – Custom Heat Sink Design

Designing your own custom heat sink is cheaper and easier than you might think. At look at why you might want to design your own heat sink, the costs, the advantages and disadvantages, design considerations for surface mount PCB’s, air convection,


 2019-04-14  24m

EEVblog #1195 – Sony 4K 60″ LCD TV Audio Repair

Mrs EEVblog broke the headphone socket on Dave’s Sony TV. Soldering iron time.


 2019-04-14  n/a

EEVblog #1194 – 1985 Electronics

Dave uncovered the first edition of Australian Electronics Monthly magazine from July 1985, by Roger Harrison, and featuring a classic David Tilbrook MOSFET amplifier design, vintage computer, vintage analog scopes and more. Forum HERE


 2019-04-14  n/a

EEVblog #1193 – KiCAD PCB 4 Layer Swapping & Stackup

More on the Gigatron 4 layer PCB for EMC compliance testing. Swapping the inner and outer plane layers, experimenting with KiCAD and investigating several issues with the tool. Talk on gerber generation, PCB checklists, PCB design for manufacture,


 2019-04-14  54m

EEVblog #1192 – Power Meter LCD Repair

Repairing the faulty LCD in the Voltech PM300 power meter. Forum HERE


 2019-03-31  13m

EEVblog #1191 – Digital Energy Savers BUSTED!

Digital energy saver boxes that claim to reduce your power bill by up to 50%, are… SPOILER ALERT: Complete bullshit. Forum HERE


 2019-03-31  18m

EEVblog #1190 – Mailbag Review Bonanza

A look at three major products in this lengthy Mailbag. SPOILERS: LabJack T7-Pro Multifunction DAQ with WiFi, Ethernet, and USB 15:56 Balena Fin Raspberry Pi Compute module industrial computer 29:29 Dodgy truck LED tailight assembly 38:00 Joulescope: P...


 2019-03-31  1h11m

EEVblog #1189 – Ebay $140 6.5 digit DMM Bargain!?

Dave bought a 6.5 digit Phillips PM2534 on Ebay for $140 delivered. Did it even survive the shipping? $200 Ebay 6.5 digit DMM video: Forum HERE


 2019-03-31  28m

EEVblog #1188 – $10 DIY EMC Probe using Scope FFT

How good is your existing oscilloscopes FFT function with the $10 DIY EMC H-field probe compared with a dedicated spectrum analyser? Dave tries the DIY EMC probe with half a dozen different low cost scopes,


 2019-03-31  19m