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EEVblog #1297 – Turn an LCD into E-Paper!

Dave’s long term LCD DC bias experiment has turned a regular 7 segment LCD effectively into an E-Ink/E-Paper display! Microchip LCD App Note:


 2020-04-01  8m

EEVblog #1296 – Alkaline Battery Leakage Testing 2 – Electric Boogaloo

A revisit of the Alkaline battery leakage testing. Library:$/invite/@eevblog:7 Forum:


 2020-04-01  16m

EEVblog #1295 – What Makes A Good Lab HEPA Air Filter?

What makes a good lab HEPA air filter and purifier? Forum:


 2020-04-01  19m

EEVblog #1294 – LLC Resonant Mode Converter Design

A brief look at how LLC resonant mode converters work and their advantages. A spin-off from the Rohde & Schwarz NGP800 power supply video. Application note:


 2020-04-01  18m

EEVblog #1293 – New Rohde and Schwarz NGP800 800W PSU

A look at the new Rohde and Schwarz NGP800 800W system power supply. Teardown and a brief play around. Subscribe on library:$/invite/@eevblog:7 Forum:


 2020-04-01  39m

EEVblog #1292 – $2 Meter vs JVA Electric Fence Controller!

Multimeter destruction and high speed camera time! Follow up to the dumpster electric fence controller. The designer and CEO of Pakton Technologies Paul Thompson sent in a new one for us to play with!


 2020-04-01  19m

EEVblog #1291 – Mailbag

More Mailbag! SPOILERS: WTF: A soldering iron mouse controller? 10:05 Snapton Designers Guide: Snapton Dome Kit: 20:18 Open Source LED Snowflake: https://luck...


 2020-04-01  54m

EEVblog #1290 – Hapbee: Anatomy of a Snake Oil Product

The Hapbee has raised half a million dollars on Indiegogo, it’s magic woo woo that can make you feel different things from weak arse magnetic fields. Let’s go down the rabbit hole of who’s behind this and why… Oh, and let’s cure cancer too!


 2020-03-10  34m

EEVblog #1289 – Mystery Huawei Teardown

Mystery Mailbag Teardown! Huawei make WHAT? Subscribe on Library:$/invite/@eevblog:7 Forum:


 2020-03-10  36m

EEVblog #1288 – Synology NAS Dumpster Find! (REPAIR)

Is a brand new Synology DS415+ NAS in the dumpster too good to be true? A tale of teardowns, repair, Intel Atom processor silicon degradation, and dodgy clocks. Subscribe on Library:$/invite/@eevblog:7 https://www.anandtech.


 2020-03-10  23m