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EEVblog #933 – Keysight U1272A EMC Issue

A viewer found an EMC issue with the Keysight U1272A multimeter Dave confirms both conducted and coupled issues and finds some spooky action at a distance! Comparisons with other meters confirm they don’t have the same issue. Fluke 87 GSM Prob[...]


 2016-10-12  0m

EEVblog #932 – How Does A HV Differential Probe Work?

How does a high voltage differential probe work? How is it safe? Is it isolated? A teardown and some reverse engineering of the Lecroy AP031 25MHz HV Differential probe. a.k.a Sapphire Instruments SI-9001 Forum HERE


 2016-10-11  0m

EEVblog #931 – Designing A Better Multimeter PART 2

Dave takes a look at how to optimise the low burden voltage multimeter design from PART 2 to eliminate some parts. And explains the µCurrent shunt circuit design and how that applies to this new optimised design. It’s basically a practical tu[...]


 2016-10-05  0m

EEVBlog #930 – Mailbag

Mailbag time again. Forum HERE SPOILERS: Dave’s first multimeter hack! Sinclair PDM35 Multimeter Russian analog multimeter Canyse 801 data logger Kickstarter Masso CNC Controller Lumintop Prince 1000 lumens flashlight torch Lumintop micro USB[...]


 2016-10-04  0m

EEVblog #929 – Designing A Better Multimeter

Dave looks at the current measurement front end of a typical multimeter and figures out how to redesign it for lower burden voltage. It’s not quite as easy as you might think, there are comprimises and traps for your players. And something you[...]


 2016-10-01  0m

EEVblog #928 – Jaycar DMX RGB LED Lights Teardown

Inside the cheap arse Jaycar SL3467 “Rave” DMX controlled RGB LED disco party lights scored for $1 from the dumpster sale. Did Dave get ripped off?


 2016-09-28  0m

EEVblog #927 – Insane Jaycar Dumpster Sale!

The annual Jaycar warehouse sale, take it for a buck or it goes in the dumpster! UPDATE: Yes, all the hard drives work. Forum HERE


 2016-09-27  0m

EEVblog #926 – Introduction To The Oscilloscope

What is an oscilloscope? What is it useful for? How is it used? What is the difference between an old school analog and a modern digital storage oscilloscope? Rigol DS1054Z is a good basic digital scope How not to blow up your oscilloscope VIDEO Mys[...]


 2016-09-24  0m

EEVblog #925 – Panasonic CF-U1 ToughBook Teardown

Teardown of the Panasonic CF-U1 Windows 7 based Toughbook Forum HERE


 2016-09-21  0m

EEVblog #924 – Hovering Delorean!

Dave plays with an Indiegogo campaign hovering Delorean! Will it hover? And how does it work? Forum HERE


 2016-09-20  0m