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EEVblog #1007 – Is a $25 Multimeter Any Good?

Dave looks at the $25 ANENG AN8008 Multimeter It has some unusually low ranges making it ideal for electronics use. Or is it? Forum HERE Previous discussion Hires photos:


 2017-07-15  0m

EEVblog #1006 – Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Teardown

What’s inside the Trezor hardware bitcoin wallet? A teardown to look at any physical hardware security, and a look at a possible side channel power line attack. For a new stable attempt at cryptocurrency, check out Corion UPDATE: A technical detailed r...


 2017-07-14  0m

EEVblog #1005 – Keithley 2302 Battery Simulator Teardown

What’s inside the Keithley 2302 Battery Simulator A way to simulate battery ionic resistance (ESR) and measure product pulse power consumption. Forum HERE Hires photos:


 2017-07-07  0m

EEVblog #1004 – Owon XDS3202A 14bit Oscilloscope Teardown

Does the Owon XDS3202A Oscilloscope use a true 14bit converter? Forum HERE Hi-Res photos: Unboxing VIDEO


 2017-07-02  0m

EEVblog #1003 – Mailbag

Mailbag is back! Forum HERE SPOILERS: 1980 Retro Language Translator Teardown Arduino interfacing book ReflowR Hot plate PCB reflow machine 50ohm Dummy Load for babies from First Advanced Industrial Labs Black Box for stealing Pay TV, teardown.


 2017-06-28  0m

EEVblog #1002 – Trump’s Solar Freakin’ Wall DEBUNKED!

Will Trump’s Mexican border solar powered wall pay for itself? Dave runs the numbers to find out what the solar payback is. NOTE: These are BEST CASE (non-practical) figures that don’t include any system losses from a single long line array like this,


 2017-06-25  0m

EEVblog #1001 – uBeam Ultrasonic Wireless Charging DEBUNKED

Dave debunks the uBeam ultrasonic wireless phone charging technology and explains why this will NEVER be a practical solution. Also, Meredith Perry’s rant on engineers and other experts. NOTE: This was split out from video #1000 for SEO reasons.


 2017-06-23  0m

EEVblog #1000 – Fundamental Mailbag Retro Teardown Shootouts are Bullshit

As the title says, kinda… Dave answers the age old question, do single take videos really work? No. No, they don’t. SPOILERS: Tutorial on turning two NPN transistors into a fast bidirectional zener impulse clamp.


 2017-06-22  0m

EEVblog #996 – What Is The CE Mark On A Product?

What does the CE mark on a product actually mean? How do you get one? What is it NOT? What is a Declaration Of Conformity? There might more to this mark than you realised! The FCC mark is also discussed. Forum HERE


 2017-05-30  0m

EEVblog #995 – Power Supply Sequencing

Dave shows how to do power supply MOSFET rail switching and demonstrates and discusses why supply sequencing might be needed. Forum HERE


 2017-05-21  0m