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EEVblog #955 – World’s First Portable Computer Teardown

What’s inside the world’s first portable microcomputer? The Osborne 1 from Osborne Computer Corporation torn down. An Adam Osborne and Lee Felsenstein design. ROM Dumps HERE and HERE Field Service Manual Technical Manual Forum HERE


 2016-12-13  0m

EEVblog #954 – How To Setup An Electronics Lab For $300

Dave shows you how you can set up an electronics lab for only a few hundred bucks. Multimeter, oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, soldering station, solder, wire, tools, microscope and magnifier, and components. The previous video HERE [...]


 2016-12-11  0m

EEVblog #952 – Nixie Tube Display Project – Part 3

More on the nixe tube driver chip, testing for bias glow and clamp voltages. Schematic design in Altium Designer. Selection of the Wifi ESP8266 module Traps in 3.3V / 5V logic level translation. Design tip for neat schematics. Forum HERE


 2016-12-07  0m

EEVblog #951 – Mailbag

Mailbag overload! Forum HERE SPOILERS: A watch made from a old IBM Microdrive Hard Drive Drive! Tearing down and debunking a Hyper Voltage Stabiliser car energy smoothing bullshit device. Panduino Uno compatible Arduino Dell Server destroyed by sup[...]


 2016-12-06  0m

EEVblog #950 – Nixie Tube Display Project – Part 2

Some more info and experiments on driving Nixie tubes. Open circuit cathode voltage, open collector vs totem pole / push-pull drivers, NIxie voltage drop and pre-biasing, and using the ULN2003 with zener clamping. Forum HERE


 2016-11-30  0m

EEVblog #949 – World’s First Clamshell Laptop Teardown!

The Dulmont Magnum “Kookaburra” from 1983 is the only laptop to have even been designed and made in Australia, as well as being the world’s first “clamshell” laptop design. Dave tears down this obscure retro classic bas[...]


 2016-11-29  0m

EEVblog #948 – Nixie Tube Display Project – Part 1

Part 1 of an internet connected Nixie tube counter/clock display project. What are Nixie Tubes? How do they work? How do you drive them? Selecting a suitable driving solution and parametric searching. Forum HERE


 2016-11-26  0m

EEVblog #947 – Chronos High Speed Camera Review

Dave takes a look at the 21,000fps Chonos Kickstarter high speed digital camera prototype. Tesla500 Youtube Channel World’s most powerful LED light – 5kW VIDEO Forum HERE


 2016-11-23  0m

EEVblog #946 – Apple Raspberry Pi Cluster – PART 2

Part 2 of building the Raspberry Pi computer cluster. Dave strips down an old Apple G5 PowerMac to use as the enclosure. Forum HERE


 2016-11-22  0m

EEVblog #945 – Thermal Powered Smartwatches Are GIMMICKS!

Thermal powered smartwates are nothing more than gimmicks. Dave runs the numbers on the Matrix Powerwatch from Indieigogo. Also some exercise testing shows up an unusual and undesired effect when using thermoelectric generators on your wrist. Thunde[...]


 2016-11-19  0m