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What happens when you combine 50+ years of collective TTRPG and LARP experience? This show! A mostly wholesome, always exciting actual-play podcast set in the Starfinder universe. Featuring a homebrew adventure written by GM Adam Damas.


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episode 9: S03E09: Masters Exploder

The Second Hand crew is desperately injured, having fought their way through so many of the Tefling's "Games." Several of them lay on the ground dying as a desperate Brandon Masters pulls the pin of a grenade. They are so close to saving the hostages and...



episode 8: S03E08: That’ll Bluff Out

Words have great power, actions have great impact. The Second Hand crew finally makes their way to the Tiefling's lair. Up to a man who's words raise lives and casts them into ruin. Whose actions shakes the foundations of worlds. The game's not over unti...



episode 7: S03E07: A Biscuit, A Casket

This situation couldn't get much worse then when hostages lives are on the line... Or could it? Throw in a heap of turrets, a sacrificial circle, and horribly irritating Virtual Intelligence THEN you have a event that couldn't possibly get worse... OR CO...


 2022-08-31  1h47m

episode 6: S03E06: Quinessa Explains it All

In the smoldering craters of combat the second hand crew take stock in the situation and losses. One member takes a particular interest in the body of a fallen SRO, and one was vanished from sight, alone into the Castle Kerdan. Things are about to get in...


 2022-08-17  1h23m

episode 5: S03E05: Come At Me, SRO

How dare they?! As the crew hears a familiar voice over the comm's they realize the lengths their adversary has gone to for this gathering and the horrible implications of it. They've gone way to far and if they think they're going to get away with this ...


 2022-08-03  2h8m

episode 4: S03E04: Pahhra Normal

As the Second Hand sets off from At Scars End there is a wash of both consternation and relief. Scrif's family is imperiled by an "Old Friend" while Brandon and Sol are just happy to be free of the run-down station. The first extensive jump through the D...


 2022-07-20  1h36m

episode 3: S03E03: A Jetrack All the Way

The boys in blue have approached the members of the Second Hand and come bearing word from the Station Director; "Let's talk." It would be unwise to deny the host of the space station you're stuck on their humble request. Particularly when their security...


 2022-07-06  1h30m

episode 2: S03E02: Two In Tents

The Second Hand limps it's way towards the nearest space station called At Scars End. A new voice is coming from the other side of the airlock. Unknown figures wait just past the docking bay doors. I don't know if I can handle this episodes it may just b...


 2022-06-22  1h41m

episode 1: S03E01: A Farewell to Arm

Like a bursting flash the Second Hand, Explodernator, and their passengers erupt into the drift. As is there luck the trip is anything but smooth sailing when the Second Hand starts to rumble. Now Scrif, Pons and 5e have to deal with trouble and... it's ...


 2022-06-08  1h11m

episode 19: Season 2 Recap

Jump in fresh or catch up on some details you missed in this recap episode. We take a breather from all the action and talk about what's happened so far, our favorite moments, and theorize on what's to come.   Don't forget to join our Discord server! htt...


 2022-06-04  33m