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Hear people share their passions and geek out about their favourite stories. The word ‘geek’ comes with a stereotype, let’s look beyond that and hear from the real people.

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episode 27: Kibla Ahmed talks about the importance of family

In this episode, we hear from Kibla Ahmed, podcaster, artist and all-around geek.
Kibla shares with us how his love of geek culture began, following in family footsteps. We learn that it wasn’t an easy step, as generations previously have kept their passions to themselves, but a strong, nurturing environment brought it to the forefront. We discuss family, comics, movies, fantasy and more. Learning that being true to yourself will always win out and that family are the true superheroes...


 2022-01-10  58m

episode 26: Kelly Gaines talks about influences and self acceptance

In this episode, we hear from Kelly Gaines, a contributor to DC Comics News and CBR as well as a regular on the DC Comics News podcast

Kelly shares with us how her love of geek culture came from an unexpected direction. We learn how Kelly learnt to accept herself and embrace her passions and we explore what else she likes to geek out about, including mythology and storytelling...


 2022-01-10  1h2m

episode 25: ICommentOnComics talks about being a jack of all trades

This episode, hear from Chase, known as ‘I comment on comics’ on Twitter

Chase shares where his love of geek culture began, as well as the origins of many other hobbies and interests he has had over the years. A ‘jack of all trades’, we learn how Chase has kept up with learning so many different skills and how he uses them throughout his life.

You can also hear more from Chase with his appearance on Indie Comics Spotlight pca...


 2022-01-10  58m

episode 24: Scott Hamilton talks about mental health and friendships

Scott Hamilton is a mental health advocate, writer, baker of chilli scones and friend of all.

He talks about his love of geek culture, what it offers people and the connections it provides. We learn where it all began for him and how it’s affected his life. He also gives us an insight into his work with mental health and some of his other loves and interests, particularly the impact music has had on his life.

You can contact the show at and


 2022-01-10  1h3m

episode 23: Seth Singleton talks about storytelling and hobbies

This week, hear from storyteller Seth Singleton host of ‘Storytelling with Seth’ ‘Stories from the Pitch’ on Elevation5280 ‘The Spinner Rack’ on DC Comics News Network Writer of ‘Greedy Greg’ on Hapsie and writer of ‘This is a Language of Fists’ available on Amazon

As you can tell, Seth is a busy, passionate person...


 2022-01-10  56m

episode 22: The Geek of Steel talks about Superman and more

In this episode, we hear from Luke Bugg, ‘The Geek of Steel’. He tells us about his journey from posting pictures on Instagram to being a well-known podcaster and YouTuber
A self-described Superman Ambassador, his enthusiasm is infectious and has gained him a loyal following.
We learn where his geek journey began and why he gravitated towards Superman...


 2022-01-10  1h27m

episode 21: Matt B Lloyd shares his many interests and passions

This week, hear from Matt B Lloyd, a contributor to Dc Comics News and host of ‘Classic Comics with Matt B Lloyd’ available on Comics in Motion

In his own words, Matt geeks out about many things; history, ancestry, music, movies, sports, comics, art and much more!
He shares his love for all these, how each of them connects in his life and how he balances so many interests with work and family life...


 2022-01-10  1h10m

episode 20: Steve Conroy talks about lifelong passions

In this episode, we hear from Steve Conroy, host of the Retro Project
And ‘My Favourite Episode’ is available on the Comics in Motion feed

He explores with us his journey, or lack of, through geek culture; how his loves have been there from the beginning and always will be. We hear his thoughts on stereotypes, social media, movies and more. Including his social media run-in with William Shatner...


 2022-01-10  1h8m

episode 19: Brett Scott talks life balance and changing hobbies

Hear from Brett Scott, host of the Marvel Plus podcast
He talks about his love of comics and how it faded in and out of his life, as well as his other loves, including fitness and healthy living.
Balancing Family life with his passions and day job can be difficult, but Brett gives us an insight into how he manages it, and the rewards he gets from it.

You can find more of his content on his youtube channel


 2022-01-10  1h10m

episode 18: Brad Filicky talks hobbies and social media

This week, we hear from Brad Filicky, a contributor to
He talks about his history with comics, music, tv shows and movies. We also learn about his history as a child actor, journalist and political campaigner, and hear his thoughts on the current issues within social media.

You can hear more from Brad on the DC Comics news podcast or contact him at

You can contact the show at and


 2022-01-10  49m