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Britain has voted, if only by a slim majority ,to leave the EU. The British community in Berlin talks about the referendum outcome.


 2016-06-25  4m

Masterpieces Revisited: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

Caspar David Friedrich was a leading artist of German Romanticism. In 1818 he painted ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ which has over time become almost synonymous with the Romantic era. We take a close look at this iconic masterpiece and its history.


 2016-06-25  5m

Gustav Klimt: Worth a Thousand Kisses

"The Kiss" is considered the most famous painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. Little did he know at the time, but his masterpiece has gone on to achieve iconic status. It's also now the subject of millions of copies.


 2016-06-24  5m

Visiting a stately home on Sylt

Ralph Justus Maus resides in a stately mansion on the island of Sylt. It has two living rooms, four bedrooms and ample space for visitors. The house is estimated to be worth €7 million.


 2016-06-23  3m

Van Gogh's sunflowers continue to inspire

Dutch painter Van Gogh completed his first sunflower painting in southern France. To this day, it is an inspiration to fashion designers and advertisers.


 2016-06-23  4m

Expert advice on how to make moussaka

Master chef Asterios Koustoudis explains how to prepare the Greek national dish. The tasty treat is served on the terrace of a luxury hotel in Athens, overlooking the Acropolis.


 2016-06-22  4m

Walking on Water: Christo's Floating Piers

Christo's latest project in northern Italy is living up to his reputation. Large, yellow floating walkways currently line Lago d'Iseo, giving visitors a chance to walk on water.


 2016-06-21  4m

A Gigantic Music Box by Inventor Niklas Roy

For months, inventor Niklas Roy has been working on a gigantic contraption that will turn the average person into a musician. The inventor himself admits that, while the machine might fascinate, it's totally "useless."


 2016-06-21  4m

Euromaxx: Highlights of the Week

A new art temple opens in London, exploring the sights of Rome, a Karl Lagerfeld retrospective and Art Basel.Temple of art: The Tate Modern's ExtensionThe cultural event of the year for London is the opening of the Tate Modern's new extension, giving it 60 percent for space for visitors to explore. It was designed by renowned Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron.Fashion designer and photographer: Karl LagerfeldFor over 50 years, Karl Lagerfeld has been a top international fashion designer...


 2016-06-19  26m

Fashion designer and photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

For over 50 years, Karl Lagerfeld has been a top international fashion designer. He's also made a name for himself as a photographer. Now a retrospective in Florence, Italy is showing his entire photographic oevre.


 2016-06-18  3m