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WTF Is Web3?

This week, we imagine a new version of the web that takes the power from the platforms and puts it back into the hands of the people.



A Conversation with Neal Stephenson

This week, we hear from the acclaimed novelist Neal Stephenson about climate change, the metaverse, and the role fictional stories can play in shaping our future.



What an Augmented World

This week, we look at Niantic and Snap, whose augmented reality plans are quite different than what’s being hyped elsewhere.



Shipping and Shopping

This week, we break down what’s happening with the global supply chain and we offer some tips on how to fulfil your holiday shopping needs anyway.



Let’s Get Meta

This week, we discuss the company formerly known as Facebook’s vision for the VR-powered hyperreality of the future.


 2021-10-29  33m

Big Macs, New Pixels

This week, we critique—and praise!—the new MacBook Pro models and the Pixel 6, both of which just landed in our laps.


 2021-10-22  39m

Facebook's Uncertain Future

This week, we talked about revelations from whistleblower Frances Haugen's testimony—and whether this reckoning will finally change the social media giant.


 2021-10-15  39m

Andrew Yang on Micromobility

This week, Lauren talks to the politician about his new political party, and how the US can get more bikes, scooters, and pedestrians on the streets.


 2021-10-08  41m

Amazon Bots

This week, we talk about Amazon’s domestic robot strategy, and what privacy questions you should ask yourself before you buy in.


 2021-10-01  39m

Scratching the Surface

This week, we look at the new Surface hardware and try to determine how much experimentation your workflow can withstand.


 2021-09-24  34m