Dungeon Master's Journey

Dungeon Master’s Journey is a discussion podcast for DMs and players of Dungeons & Dragons hosted by Lex Starwalker. The show explores strategies players and DMs can use to enhance the gaming experience for everyone at the table. Lex also discusses the creation of his homebrew D&D setting, Primordia, providing a valuable worldbuilding resource for DMs creating their own setting.


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episode 74: GMJ 074: Primordia AP 02: Character Creation & Backgrounds

We introduce the characters and tell a little about their backgrounds.


 2015-12-16  1h9m

episode 75: GMJ 075: Primordia AP 03: Characters & Opening Scene

We continue our discussion of characters, including our fifth PC. We then start with the first scene of the campaign.


 2015-12-17  46m

episode 76: GMJ 076: Primordia AP 04: The Adventure Begins

We begin the first adventure in Primordia. The PCs leave the city of Elandria to investigate rumors of monsters near a Forgotten Tomb.


 2015-12-18  38m

episode 77: GMJ 077: Primordia AP 05: The Forgotten Tomb

The first adventure in Primordia continues, as the PCs enter the Forgotten Tomb.


 2015-12-18  34m

episode 78: GMJ 078: GM 101: Sandbox vs. Plot-Driven Adventures & Finding Good Players Online

Welcome to the fourth episode in my GM 101 series in which I answer the question, “How do I become a game master?” Today I set off again on the Obsidian Monolith to discuss sandbox versus plot-driven adventures.


 2015-12-22  45m

episode 79: GMJ 079: Primordia AP 06: Zombies of the Forgotten Tomb

The adventures in Primordia continue. The PCs face a horde of zombies within the Forgotten Tomb.


 2015-12-29  54m

episode 80: GMJ 080: Primordia AP 07: Fort Dead Bugs

The PCs battle some scary and gross creatures in The Forgotten Tomb.


 2015-12-30  36m

episode 81: GMJ 081: Primordia AP 08: Fabulous Pastel Butterflies

In this episode of my Primordia campaign, Raith and Azriel get naked, and we ponder whether we've gone astray from our hard core roots.


 2015-12-31  54m