GlitterShip is an LGBTQ SF&F fiction podcast - bringing you audio versions of great queer science fiction & fantasy short stories!

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Episode #27: “Just a Little Spice Will Do” by Andrew Wilmot

 Just a Little Spice Will Do by Andrew Wilmot When Alex arrived home Sunday night with an overflowing grocery bag tucked under each arm, she saw her ...


 2016-05-10  31m

Episode #26: Three Flash stories by Kat Howard, Nino Cipri, and Bogi Takács

The Face of Heaven So Fine Kat Howard There is an entire history in the stars. Light takes time to travel, to get from wherever the star is ...


 2016-04-22  23m

Episode #25: “Straw and Gold” by Kate O’Connor

Straw and Gold By Kate O’Connor Orin did not know the feel of gold. There was none to be found in his father’s mill. There were coins of ...


 2016-04-05  35m

Episode #24: “Lamia Victoriana” by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Lamia Victoriana by Tansy Rayner Roberts The poet’s sister has teeth as white as new lace. When she speaks, which is rarely, I feel a shiver down my ...


 2016-03-15  25m

Episode 23: “Je me souviens” by Su J. Sokol

Je me souviens by Su J. Sokol There are nine police cars. I count them again just to be sure and because counting usually calms me. Arielle watches ...


 2016-03-01  45m

Episode #22: “Into the Nth Dimension” by David D. Levine

Into the Nth Dimensionby David D. LevineThe fence around Dr. Diabolus's lair is twenty feet tall, electrified and topped with razor wire.  I'd expected no less.  ...


 2016-02-20  34m

Episode 21: “Her Last Breath Before Waking” by A.C. Wise

Her Last Breath Before Wakingby A.C. WiseShe is a city haunted by a ghost.When the architect dreams, her sinews are suspension bridges, her ribs vaulting arches, ...


 2016-02-02  33m

Episode #20: “Skeletons” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Skeletonsby Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam   “Who’s gonna watch the skeletons?” I ask.            We’re about to go camping. Cathryn’s undressing before the closet in her garage apartment. I’m trying ...


 2016-01-19  19m

Episode #19: “And the Blood of Dead Gods Will Mark the Score” by Gary Kloster

And the Blood of Dead Gods Will Mark the ScoreBy Gary KlosterI had a frat-boy stretched out on the table, a pink slab of drunken ...


 2016-01-05  34m

Episode #18: “Eureka!” by Nick Mamatas

Eureka!By Nick MamatasAdam hadn't worn the crushed velvet blouse in his hands for a long time. It was from his goth phase, twenty pounds and ...


 2015-10-14  33m