GlitterShip is an LGBTQ SF&F fiction podcast - bringing you audio versions of great queer science fiction & fantasy short stories!

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Episode #17: “Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints No. 5″ by Amy Sisson

Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints, No. 5byAmy SissonA whisper of excitement echoes through the cave, or what I think of as a cave. She is coming, the minghun broker is ...


 2015-10-07  17m

Episode #16: “They Jump Through Fires” by Gabriela Santiago

They Jump Through FiresBy Gabriela Santiago“They jump through fires, you know.”We were behind a glass window and at least ten feet off the ground, but ...


 2015-09-22  31m

Episode #15: “Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon” by Ken Liu

Seventh Day of the Seventh MoonBy Ken Liu“Tell me a story,” said Se. She had changed into her pajamas all by herself and snuggled under ...


 2015-09-15  43m

Episode #14: “All That Fairy Tale Crap” by Rachel Swirsky

All That Fairy Tale Crapby Rachel SwirskyI was supposed to go to the ball, but I spent the night licking out my stepsister instead.Bethesda moaned and ...


 2015-09-08  29m

Episode #13: “Sugar” by Cat Rambo

Sugarby Cat RamboThey line up before Laurana, forty baked-clay heads atop forty bodies built of metal cylinders.  Every year she casts and fires new heads ...


 2015-09-01  29m

Episode #12: “Swan-Brother” by Gabriel Murray

Swan-Brotherby Gabriel MurrayThe—woman—took snuff.  "Good morning, Captain," she said, Capitaine in her accent.  "This is a colder day than I imagined."  She looked out over the swells, ...


 2015-07-10  34m

Episode #11: “Bonzaiships of Venus” by Kate Heartfield

Bonzaiships of Venusby Kate Heartfield The work of aesthetics is the aesthetics of work.     —Principles of Graphene Cultivation, by Johanne St-Pierre, Vol. IIMakoto adjusted the angle of ...


 2015-07-02  14m

Episode #10: “King Tide” by Alison Wilgus

King Tideby Alison WilgusSome particular trick of the moon, the weather, and the Earth's closeness to the sun had pulled the tide all the way to ...


 2015-06-11  16m

Episode #9: “Sooner than Gold” by Cory Skerry

Sooner Than GoldBy Cory SkerryI tug on clean underwear in case I get arrested, paint my makeup perfectly because there's nothing sadder than a grown man ...


 2015-06-09  42m

Episode #8: “Love Over Glass, Skin Under Glass” by Penny Stirling

Love Over Glass, Skin Under Glassby Penny StirlingThe seasick lover becomes a saltwater cisternShe built her first lover out of glass."I was often disappointed," she ...


 2015-05-28  31m