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      episode 641: Compassionate Coding with April Wensel

      April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, a conscious business that helps technical teams cultivate sustainable, human-­centered software development practices built on a foundation of emotional intelligence. She talks to Scott about how we can apply these concepts to our own software projects.




      episode 639: Visible Designers with Revision Path's Maurice Cherry

      Maurice Cherry is a veteran designer AND veteran podcastee. His award-winning podcast Revision Path has showcased nearly 250 Black Designers and influencers. Scott and Maurice talk about the importance of good design on today's web (AND good podcasts!) Where does Maurice see design going with the rise of cookie-cutter themes. Is it hard to be unique and fresh with the rise of the Visible Designer?



      episode 638: C++ and Browser Monoculture with Vivaldi's Patricia Aas

      Patricia Aas is a C++ programmer working on the Vivaldi Browser where she has currently taken on platform integration of media. She has previously worked at Opera Software on their Desktop Browser and at Cisco on their Telepresence Hardware Endpoints, primarily on Linux. In this episode she and Scott tackle the hard questions around C++ - Is it getting a bad wrap? Patricia always waxes philosophic on the browser wars!



      episode 637: Is a Programming Bootcamp right for you? with Kristen Leake

      Is a Programming Bootcamp right for you? Why choose a bootcamp over self-study? How instrumental was having done a camp on your resume to get your job? Scott talks with bootcamp graduate Kristen Leake about her journey into technology.


       2018-06-22  32m

      episode 636: Tips for Teaching Programming with Dr. Neil Brown

      Dr. Neil Brown recently published a scholarly article on how to effectively teach programming. Rather than a series of anecdotes, this is backed up by actual research in educational psychology. He talks to Scott about how we can and should approach teaching the next generation of developers.


       2018-06-15  34m

      episode 635: Azure Sphere and Microsoft's new Linux with Caitie McCaffrey

      Azure Sphere is a new solution for creating highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices. Caitie McCaffrey is Principal Software Engineering Lead on the project and is an expert in building large scale services and systems for folks like 343 Industries (Halo), HBO, Twitter, and more. How will this new system (and new Linux) keep our IoT devices safe?


       2018-06-08  32m

      episode 634: A new life for old software - DasBlog Core with Mark Downie

      Scott and Mark Downie have been blogging for nearly 15 years using a blogging system called "DasBlog." It started with .NET 1.1 and now Mark is forking DasBlog and taking it into an open source future with .NET Core.


       2018-06-01  35m

      episode 633: Do you need to speak English to Code? Noor - An Arabic Programming Language with Ahmed Abdalla

      Do you need to speak English to Code? Ahmed Abdalla created Noor , an Arabic Programming Language as a way to teach programming to Arabic-speaking kids.


       2018-05-25  32m

      episode 632: Eric Heutchy on Backward Compatibility, Xbox One X Enhanced Games, and The Heutchy Method

      Xbox One X Enhanced Games with Backward Compatibility are AMAZING. You can play a decade old game - originally meant for 640x480 or 720p resolution - and enjoy it in 4k resolution. Not upscaled. Actually up to 10x clearer within recompiling the game? How? Xbox's Eric Heutchy tells Scott how!


       2018-05-18  32m