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episode 877: The Quantified Worker with Dr. Ifeoma Ajunwa

In this episode, Dr. Ifeoma Ajunwa, author of "The Quantified Worker," joins us to discuss the implications of technology on the modern workplace. She explores the ways in which employers are using data and surveillance to monitor and manage their employees, and the impact this has on worker privacy and autonomy. Dr...



episode 876: Game Emulation with former MAME programmer Aaron Giles

Scott talks to pro­gram­mer, mu­si­cian, web de­vel­o­per, and gra­phic de­sign­er Aaron Giles about the state of game emulation. Aaron has worked for Microsoft, Connectix, LucasArts, contributed to the MAME project for over 17 years, and even ran the project for 6 years! We chat about his current project, DREAMM, which is a Windows-based emulator for classic LucasArts SCUMM adventure games, from Maniac Mansion through The Curse of Monkey Island and everything in-between!



episode 875: Ben West is not waiting for Diabetes Tech to catch up

Ben West has been at the forefront of the DIY diabetes management movement. Ben and the community's work on Nightscout, an open-source platform for continuous glucose monitoring, has revolutionized the way people with diabetes manage their condition. Ben, along with a dedicated community of developers, has been working tirelessly to empower individuals to take control of their diabetes, giving them the tools they need to live healthier, more independent lives.



episode 874: Dr. Gregory Kapfhammer wants to stop flaky tests

Dr. Kapfhammer and his team focus on research related to flaky software tests, which are tests that produce inconsistent or unpredictable results. Why are tests flaky? How can we identify them and stop them in their tracks. He talks to Scott about the results of his research and practical tips for improving tests is to ensure that they are robust and reliable.



episode 873: Dr. Brandeis Marshall's Data Conscience

In Data Conscience: Algorithmic Siege on our Humanity, computer science and data inclusivity thought leader Dr. Brandeis Hill Marshall delivers a call to action for rebel tech leaders, who acknowledge and are prepared to address the current limitations of software development. In the book, Dr. Brandeis Hill Marshall discusses how the philosophy of “move fast and break things” is, itself, broken, and requires change...


 2022-12-29  30m

episode 872: Hachyderm's Kris Nova on running a Mastodon Server

Scott talks with Kris Nova who has been building and scaling Hachyderm, a Mastodon instance that began in her basement and is now moving into the cloud. Nova shares her extensive knowledge on the technical challenges and solutions involved in creating and maintaining Hachyderm, as well as her insights on the importance of building and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive online community.


 2022-12-22  44m

episode 871: Growing as an Enginering Manager with Taylor Poindexter

Taylor Poindexter, a software engineer and engineering manager, joins Scott Hanselman in this episode of the podcast to discuss her journey as a manager and her advice for emerging managers. Taylor shares her experiences of growing and learning in her role and discusses the challenges and rewards of managing a team. She offers advice on how to develop leadership skills, manage conflict, and support the growth and development of individual team members...


 2022-12-15  31m

episode 870: Real-time personal health data with Dot Health's Huda Idrees

Huda is the Founder and CEO of Dot Health, a real-time personal health data platform. She joins Scott to discuss real-time personal health data and its implications for consumers and the health industry worldwide. Huda explains how real-time data can help individuals track and manage their health more effectively, and how healthcare professionals can also use it to provide more personalized and effective care...


 2022-12-08  33m

episode 869: Do I stay or do I go? - Tech career advice with Mekka Williams

Mekka Williams is a software engineer who sits down with Scott Hanselman to discuss how long you should stay at a company. Mekka shares her own experiences and offers some advice for people who are trying to decide how long to stay at their current job. She discusses the importance of finding a company that aligns with your values and career goals, and how to know when it's time to move on to a new opportunity. Tune in to hear Mekka and Scott's insights on this important topic.


 2022-12-01  33m

episode 868: Creating games on Nintendo Switch with FUZE4 and Jon Silvera

In this episode of the podcast, Scott Hanselman sits down with Jon Silvera, the creator of FUZE4, a game-making tool for the Nintendo Switch. Jon shares his passion for game development and explains how FUZE4 makes it possible for anyone to create their own games for the Switch. He discusses the features and capabilities of the tool, and offers some tips and advice for aspiring game creators...


 2022-11-24  32m