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episode 769: 2020 sucked - A year-end wrap-up with Scott's Wife, Mo

Mo is back! It's the 2020 wrap-up with Scott's wife. Be sure to check out her previous shows. Mo and Scott celebrated 20 years of marriage in the middle of a pandemic. Mo will be vaccinated this week in her job as a nurse and Mo and Scott discuss their 2021 plans.


 2020-12-31  32m

episode 768: Beyond The Queen's Gambit with Chess.com's Danny Rensch

The Queen's Gambit on Netflix has reinvigorated the world's interested in chess. Or has it? Chess.com has been slowly but surely developing online chess into a vibrant and exciting community. Their innovative Chess.com/tv has folks playing and analyzing chess games like EPSN. Scott talks to international master Danny Rensch about chess beyond The Queen's Gambit.


 2020-12-24  36m

 2020-12-17  29m

episode 766: Shipping the Sandman Doppler with Palo Alto Innovation's Alex Tramiel

Shipping product is hard. Kickstarting hardware products is hard. Scott talks to Palo Alto Innovation's Alex Tramiel whose team is shipping the Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock. How does a new product go from concept to your nightstand? What's inside a smart alarm clock like the Sandman Doppler? How does one make a decision like USB-C or not, when a product has a multi-year development cycle? All this and more, this week on Hanselminutes! https://www.sandmanclocks.com/pages/doppler


 2020-12-10  38m

episode 765: Succeeding from Anywhere: The Remote Work Revolution with Tsedal Neeley

Tsedal Neely is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Harvard Business School and founder of the consulting firm Global Matters. Her book The Language of Global Success can give you the tools you need to understand how language shapes multinational and multicultural organizations. She talks to Scott about her upcoming book "Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere.: How will virtual work and global work change how YOU work?


 2020-12-03  33m

episode 764: A self-driving AI and Raspberry Pi powered Trash Bin with Ahad Cove

Why NOT make a self-driving AI and Raspberry Pi powered Trash Bin? Programmer Ahad Cove saw a problem and he took it upon himself to solve it. Ahad and Scott talk through the design and conception process, how it was coded, limitations, and future plans! Now, why don't YOU solve a problem in your home with coding and IoT?


 2020-11-26  34m

episode 763: TL;DR - Extreme Summarization as a service with Isabel Cachola

Isabel currently a PhD student studying Computer Science at Johns Hopkins. Previously she was a Pre-Doctoral Young Investigator at the Allen Institute for AI. She and Scott talk about her PhD thesis where she's taught a model to look at scientific texts and pull out a "TL;DR" summary that is both accurate AND useful!


 2020-11-19  28m

episode 762: Growing the next generation of technologists with CodeCrew's Meka Egwuekwe

Meka Egwuekwe is Executive Director of CodeCrew, an innovative, mentorship-based youth coding initiative guiding young people in Memphis to be tech producers. Scott talks to Meka about CodeCrew's multifaceted plan to fill the pipeline through summer camps, after school programs, and Code School for adults learning to code!


 2020-11-12  34m

episode 761: Programmatic Problem Solving with Nicole Archambault

Nicole Archambault believes we can scale back on learning to code and we should ramp up on learning problem solving. She believes this so much she's launched a whole online course - Newbie Coder Problem Solving School - that teaches tons of problem solving skills...with not a single line of code! Is this possible? A good idea? We find out this week!


 2020-11-05  35m

episode 760: Creating with Constraints with Python Africa's Marlene Mhangami

Marlene Mhangami is a Python Software Foundation Director and the co-founder of ZimboPy, a Zimbabwean non-profit that empowers women to pursue careers in tech. Marlene is also the current chair of Pycon Africa, the first pan-African gathering of the Python community. Today she talks with Scott about working and creating with constraints, as well as her views on the incredible technology talent promise of the African Continent.


 2020-10-29  33m