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Your favorite show has just gotten better! Level up your game in whatever field you’re in as you learn only from the best, the most successful, and the most interesting people of today! Find inspiration in what they do, marvel at the depth of their insights, and be driven by their success. Understand the decisions they had to make that led them to where they are in life. Trace back the steps they have to take, the traits and habits they live by, and the tools they leverage which you can either adapt or adjust to make it work for your purpose. This is The James Neilson-Watt Show and get ready to elevate! “The knowledge, insights, and things that I share are valid for anyone who wants to be happier, have more financial success, more business success, more relationship success. The new show is heavily focused on that.” - James Neilson-Watt The James Neilson-Watt Show is a weekly interview podcast featuring high profile people and their stories of success, their struggles and pains, and how they rose above them to be where they are today...

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episode 40: How Adopting a Problem-Solving Mindset and Taking Micro Actions Can Spawn Massive Results For Your Business with Adee Cazayoux

Adee Cazayoux is the CEO and Founder of Working Against Gravity, an online nutrition program armed with the noble mission of transforming lives for the better. This Barbell Gypsy joins today’s episode to share the “secret” of how businesses continue to grow and the kind of mentality entrepreneurs need to adapt to generate the results they want...


 2021-04-03  33m

episode 39: Turn Your Practice Into a Scalable Monster By Building Symbiotic Relationships Around Your Passion with Robert Sikes

What comes first, building a business you are passionate about and then find success or be successful first and then build a passion out of that success? Robert Sikes joins today’s episode to share why building scalable businesses is easier now more than ever and what perspectives are best to adopt in order to stand out in a world full of giant competitors...


 2021-03-31  45m

episode 38: How to Accomplish More While Doing Less By Investing in Rockstar VAs with Nathan Hirsch

So many BIG goals to pursue, so little time. If you’re looking to expand your business and need insights on how you can gain control of your time while saving on costs, this episode is for you. Nathan Hirsch is the Master in Outsourcing and expert in remote hiring who has helped business owners expand monumentally by teaching them the concept that less can be more...


 2021-03-27  33m

episode 37: How to Dramatically Increase Your Revenue By Solving Bigger Problems for Your Clients with David Schloss

Is Facebook advertising a scam? Absolutely not! David Schloss is a testament to how Facebook and Instagram scaled up millions of businesses and quadrupled their income through online advertising. David is the founder of Convert ROI, an advertising agency that is currently the leading authority in digital advertising and marketing...


 2021-03-24  37m

episode 36: How To Be An Extraordinary Problem Solver & Create Pandemic Proof Businesses with Jeff Fenster

The founder of Everbowl, Jeff Ferner, serves a sumptuous meal in this episode to fill the gaps for today’s entrepreneurs on how they’re handling the problems of starting and scaling businesses. This serial entrepreneur highlights one of the four core values that made his company rock solid which is “to get 1% better every day”...


 2021-03-20  36m

episode 35: Understanding the 2 Major Principles of Successful Online Ads That Get More Clients Cheaper with Benton Crane

It makes a HUGE difference when businesses - large and small, run advertisement campaigns that don’t only capture people’s attention but also captivate them and hold them in. Benton Crane, CEO of Harmon Brothers and one of the masterminds of the world’s best advertisements like Chatbooks and Squatty Potty, talks about the value of storytelling and writing scripts that resonate with the clients’ personal stories...


 2021-03-17  39m

episode 34: How To Use Your Personal Story to Capture Attention, Build Engagement, and Foster Relationships With your Ideal Clients with Andrea Nakayama

Every person has a compelling story to tell and every person has this innate desire to be heard. Be that person who is at the opposite end, listening with genuine interest and care, says Andrea Nakayama, a digital functional nutritionist, and educator. Andrea is also the founder and CEO of Functional Nutrition Lab and Functional Nutrition Alliance...


 2021-03-13  37m

episode 33: Simple Ways to Establish Authority & Add Value To Your Community Through Podcasting with Ben Leavitt

If you want your business to achieve phenomenal growth, it’s about time you gave podcasting and YouTube a try! And if you’ve given it a go in the past but your success rate seems unfavorable, now’s the best time to do a revamp! Today, Ben Leavitt talks about how he discovered the best platform to use to add value to his community...


 2021-03-10  29m

episode 32: How To Successfully Take Your Practice Online and Generate Loyal Clients Who Stay For the Long Term with Peggy Bown

Everyone is raving about digital marketing - business owners, healthcare practitioners, beauty industries, name it! And yes, even dentists are all over the internet nowadays, and why shouldn’t they? When the pandemic hit hard, everyone struggled to find a new platform to keep their businesses afloat and still be a value-add to the world...


 2021-03-06  33m

episode 31: How To Breakdown Unhealthy Patterns Before They Jeopardize Your Business and Keep You From Long Term Success with Greg Reid

Here’s the thing about success - you, alone, have the power to make it happen. The universe leads you to places and people who can help you and provides the resources you need ONLY if you take the courage to go for it. It’s action, persistence, and relentless pursuit, as Greg Reid professes, that have led him to long-term success as an author, a speaker, and an entrepreneur. He dedicates the rest of his life to expanding the legacy of Napoleon Hill’s life principles and teachings...


 2021-03-03  33m