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One dad’s journey through the world of tokusatsu! Episodes every Tuesday and Thursday covering a wide variety of toku topics and episode discussions!


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#006 - Ryusoulger, Ep. 1

In this sixth episode, I talk about the first episode of the new Super Sentai series, Ryusoulger!


 2019-03-27  9m

#005.5 - Release Schedule

In this .5 episode, I finally talk about my release schedule!


 2019-03-23  2m

#005 - Beast Morphers, Ep. 2

In this fifth episode of the podcast, I talk about the second episode of the brand new Power Rangers Beast Morphers season!


 2019-03-21  11m

#004.5 - Ride Watch Contest

In this first .5 episode, I talk about my Twitter contest for a Kamen Rider Evolt Ride Watch! One thing I neglected to mention is that the contest ends 3/31, and I will announce the winner on 4/1!


 2019-03-21  2m

#004 - Toy Collecting

In this fourth episode of the podcast, I talk about my toy collecting hobby as it relates to the amazing world of tokusatsu!


 2019-03-20  12m

#003 - Beast Morphers, Ep. 1

In this third episode of the Henshin Dad podcast, I give some brief thoughts on episode #1 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers!


 2019-03-14  11m

#002 - Shows I’ve Seen, Shows I Haven’t

In this second episode of the Henshin Dad podcast, I talk about the tokusatsu shows I’ve seen and the ones that I have yet to see. I also break my 15-minute rule already!


 2019-03-13  19m

#001 - Introductions

Hello, and welcome to the first episode of the Henshin Dad podcast! In this episode, I’m introducing myself and giving you a glimpse into what the future holds for this enterprise!


 2019-03-05  8m