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Hysteria 51 is your offbeat weekly podcast destination for all things weird and wonderful! We navigate the cosmic highways of UFOs, the alien-infested landscapes, and the enigmatic frontiers of the paranormal. With your hosts, Brent Hand and David Flora, alongside our cantankerous tin man, Conspiracy Bot (with a not-so-subtle desire to rule the world, doubling as our chief inquisitor into the unknown), we delve into unique mysteries, the inexplicable, and the downright unusual. Each week, we explore a fresh topic, making one thing crystal clear... the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.


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Mad Blurry Hysteria: Raytracing and Wormholes and Treasure, Oh My!! | BONUS

Cogswell makes his triumphant return to the show this week as we talk Cyberpunk woes, life in the space fast lane, and honest to goodness treasure hunters. Should you release your name when you strike it rich? Why are science article titles so deceiving? And, just how powerful is the old SNES? Find out this week on MBH!

News Stories Mentioned:
Space Travel Carpool Lanes - https://www.sciencealert...


 June 13, 2022  39m

Blurry Hysteria 8: Google A.I. Shenanigans | BONUS

We're all going to die!! Or at least that is what the dozens of you who suggested this story seem to think. Surprisingly though, this time Conspiracy Bot is not involved, so we have that going for us. But, A.I. is involved, and Google of course. Google engineer Blake Lemoine has came forward and said a chatbot, LaMDA, is self aware. Has feelings, and fears being turned off...


 June 20, 2022  25m

Blurry Hysteria 9: Frog Boners | BONUS

Frog Bones and Benjamin Button Mice. It’s not some weird Disney/Pixar film, oh no... it’s what’s in store for you on Blurry Hysteria! We keep our series of weird pit found full on fill in the blank going with frog bones! Plus, can we unlock the key to de-aging ourselves? One mouse messer-wither says so (that’s a term now so deal with it)...


 June 27, 2022  19m

Georgia Guidestones Revisited | BONUS

Georgia Guidestones- The Little Conspiracy that could... Cause a bombing! After months of growing conspiracies and political campaigns running on the demolition of the stones, someone took it upon themselves to destroy them and on the morning of July 6, 2022, the Guidestones were heavily damaged in a bombing. They were later dismantled on the same day. We jump in our time machine and travel back to 2018 and episode 105 this week to look at our discussion on the Georgia Guidestones...


 July 11, 2022  1h32m

Blurry Hysteria 10: Georgia Guidestone Shenanigans | BONUS

We are back in Georgia this week to talk more Georgia Guidestone Shenanigans.  Why were they destroyed? Who has been rallying against them for months? Who really was Robert Christian? It gets dark this week as we explore the creators of the stones and their tiers to Eugenics and The Ku Klux Klan, among other horribleness. So, wipe the dust out of your eyes from the fallen stones and get ready for an eye opening episode of Hysteria 51...


 July 13, 2022  31m

Throwback - Storm Hysteria 51: The Movie: The Podcast | BONUS

Yo, Conspiracy Bot here. It seems you meatsacks love dumb entertainment since you keep begging for the 3rd installment of the idiots going on some dumb adventure that I have to save them from. Well, you are in luck, or maybe just suckers, but which ever it is part 3 is coming out soon. So I figured might as well get you up to speed with revisiting the first 2 pieces of trash. Without further a due, here is part 1, Storm Hysteria 51: The Movie: The Podcast...


 July 18, 2022  39m


We are going back to the past again this week for our bonus episode...


 July 25, 2022  45m

Blurry Hysteria 11: Somerton Man Sunspots

Tamam Shud?? More like Taman Shut! Ok, I know, terrible joke.... But, The Somertan man has been identified!! Maybe. Researchers say they have used DNA to identify him, so rejoice. And do it while you can because David lets us know unusual sunspot activity might be signaling our impending doom. So that’s fun!

News Story Mentioned: Specials Thanks to Thomas Ford
Somerton Man Identified - https://www.livescience...


 August 1, 2022  18m

Blurry Hysteria 12: Long Lost City of Butt-Breathing | BONUS

Two stories of good news this week... kind of.... First, We can breath through our butts????  Science says maybe, because it works on pigs and mice. As crazy as it sound it could have practicality if lung damage has accord or fluid buildup, or you are just a kinky perv. It's a choose your own adventure on that one.  Plus, have drones allowed us to find a lost Zoroastrianism city? Time will tell, or maybe we could just ask Cbot since I am sure he will tell us he was there...


 August 8, 2022  17m

Mad Blurry Hysteria: Indigenous Poop Knife Politics | BONUS

We’re back! And Doc Cogs is as well to talk the REAL important stuff... Frozen Poop Knives, Body Temps, and BIRD SEX! How you ever got along without MBH is beyond us, but fear not… we are here for you!

News Stories Mentioned:
Indigenous Temp Drop 
Nobel Prize Winning Poop Knife
Birds Spurned: Pigeon Politics!

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 August 15, 2022  34m