Hysteria 51

Hysteria 51 is your offbeat weekly podcast destination for all things weird and wonderful! We navigate the cosmic highways of UFOs, the alien-infested landscapes, and the enigmatic frontiers of the paranormal. With your hosts, Brent Hand and David Flora, alongside our cantankerous tin man, Conspiracy Bot (with a not-so-subtle desire to rule the world, doubling as our chief inquisitor into the unknown), we delve into unique mysteries, the inexplicable, and the downright unusual. Each week, we explore a fresh topic, making one thing crystal clear... the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.


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episode 158: Extraordinary: The Seeding | 158

This week Brent takes over host duties as John is on assignment in… Delaware… But have no fear, David Flora of Blurry Photos Podcast steps up and channels his inner Goforth...


 October 7, 2019  1h49m

episode 159: The Death of Azaria Chamberlain | 159

The death of your child has to be one of the worst things a parent ever has to face. Now imagine everyone blames you, you go to prison for it, and the event becomes the butt of a world wide joke. FUN! Yeah, probably not, but that is what happened with the death of Azaria Chamberlain, the story that created the phrase “Dingo Ate My Baby”. This week Brent heads back down under to try and get to the bottom of this story with the help of Mr...


 October 14, 2019  1h6m

episode 160: Phrenology | 160

Never judge a book by is cover, judge it by the bumps on its head! Or so Franz Joseph Gall would have had you believe when he developed Phrenology in the 1700’s. That’s right, it’s pseudoscience week this week as Kevin Crispin stops by to help us take a peek at Phrenology and how it was used for racism, sexism, classism, and all sorts of other crappy isms...


 October 21, 2019  48m

episode 161: The Black Knight Satellite | 161

Look, up in the sky… It’s a Bird… It’s a plane… It’s a 13,000-year-old alien probe sent to keep an eye on us! Those that believe the Black Knight Satellite is real say it is just that, and the story has all the best players- Nikola Tesla, Astronauts, Reptilians, Ancient Aztecs, the USSR, Jacques Vallée, even the Illuminati! Does it exist? Where did it come from? Did Conspiracy Bot wipe out Mars? Those are the questions we tackle this week with the help of Tach Van Sickle of A Very Brady...


 October 28, 2019  55m

episode 162: Skinny Bob | 162

From the first contact in 1942, a series of diplomatic visits to discuss matters of mutual concern were planned. Under the treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secrecy, a limited number of special agents would escort visitors and they would only meet high ranking officers… or at least that is what a series of videos posted to YouTube in 2011 by ivan0135 tells us...


 November 4, 2019  56m

episode 163: Bigelow and TTSA talk with Dr. Chris Cogswell | 163

Ever have a story you just can’t seem to wrap your head around? For me it’s TTSA, and Robert Bigelow. Luckily, I called in the Dr. for a 2nd opinion. This week Dr...


 November 18, 2019  1h2m

episode 164: Waco: The Branch Davidian Cult and the Rise of David Koresh | 164

How did a septuagenarian buggering wannabe rock-star suffering from dyslexia go from handyman to cult leader, culminating in the death of 80 people? We try to answer that very question this week (and not because Cbot is looking for tips). Plus, Kevin Crispin returns to the lower 4th, J.T.R. Brown makes his debut on H51 to help us wrap our heads around the mental health (or lack thereof) of cult leaders, and CBot regales us with his love for the year 1993...


 November 25, 2019  1h4m

episode 165: Waco: The Branch Davidian Cult and the Siege at Mount Carmel | 165

It’s back into the world of cults this week as we take on Waco part Deux, the return of the Vernon Wayne Howell aka David Koresh,the septuagenarian buggering wannabe rock-star turned sinful messiah. We are focusing on the siege that ended in the death of 76 people, including several children. Was it mishandled? Who is to blame? What happened to the survivors? Janet Reno didn’t return our calls, But Kevin Crispin and JTR Brown sure did, so they are back to help us break this all down...


 December 2, 2019  57m

episode 166: The Flatwoods Monster: Alien? Cryptid? Barn Owl? | 166

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.... Or maybe another dimension? I guess it could be a robot from some lab... Heck, it could have just come from its nest! Whatever the Flatwoods Monster is, we are talking about it this week. And, it's dangerous to go alone so Art from Mr. Bunker's Conspiracy Time Podcast stops by ForthHand Studios in the Lower 4th Dimension to help get to the bottom of this mystery...


 December 9, 2019  46m

episode 167: Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind | 167

The Lower 4th is full of visitors this week as the regular show is crashed by Joeba Fett & Ripley Scott of Close Encounters of the Slurred Kind...


 December 16, 2019  53m