Impersonal Opinion

The same cohosts who brought you the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast also present a show to share their off topic opinions. This is meant to be a safe show where everyone should be able to share their honest opinions without fear, blame, hate, or censorship.

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An Update To All Subscribers

This is a quick update to all people who have subscribed to the old podcasts I hosted. I can revive them if I need to but I want feedback of what the listeners would like to hear.. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Columbia


 2021-04-21  n/a

34. An Introduction to Poffo & Biopantheism

This podcast episode is actually the audio of the first ever Google Hangout between Chandler and Poffo. Poffo attempts to explain his brand of pantheism to Chandler. Chandler doesn't really see the merit of it but has continued to discuss these ideas in


 2017-05-07  n/a

33. How to Cope with Depression & Find Balance

Chandler and Poffo talk about the things that get them sad, stressed, or depressed and how to get past tough times with focusing on the positive parts of their life. It can be easy to get discouraged when we don't see ourselves succeeding in what we real


 2017-01-09  n/a

32. Altruism in Action & Reinventing Religion

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Poffo Ortiz, Anthony Biship, and wsdtime talk about what each of them do in their own lives to make a positive impact on the world. They also talk then about the need to create alternative systems to give people the benefit


 2016-12-12  n/a

31. Post Election Predetermination

Monique Lukens, Anthony Bishop, Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Jamie Soden, and wsdtime talk once more about the 2016 election. People are already calling Donald Trump the new president, but there are many people who are not happy about the way the elect


 2016-12-05  n/a

30. Morality, Star Trek, and Unicorns

Chandler Klebs, Jamie Soden, Poffo Ortiz, George Ortega, Trick Slattery, Peter Moriarty, and wsd all try to get their word in about the basis of morality. What follows is a discussion about pleasure and pain and then at some point it suddenly gets weird


 2016-11-07  n/a

29. Halloween & the Power of Myth

Chandler Klebs, Poffo Ortiz, Jamie Soden, and wsd have an informal conversation about Halloween and some other myths and legends. This was recorded October 30, the day before Halloween. Poffo wanted to talk about Halloween and myths in general.... This i


 2016-10-31  n/a

28. Free-Will and Biopantheism

Chandler Klebs and Poffo Ortiz talk about their different methods for moving people toward a life centered system of ethics. Chandler thinks that an understanding of determinism helps with this. Poffo thinks that we need an understanding that we are all


 2016-10-25  n/a

27. Biocentric Ethics

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Jamie Soden, wsdtime, Logan Meyer, and Poffo Ortiz start out by talking about ethics or morality. George and Poffo start out by talking about whether morality is innate or emergent.... This item has files of the following t


 2016-10-10  n/a

26. A Little Bit of Omnia

Chandler Klebs, George Ortega, Jamie Soden, wsdtime, Logan Meyer, and new guest Poffo Ortiz have a fun filled conversation about all kinds of topics: Politics, The Venus Project, Science, Religion, Pantheism, and even about why understanding that we don'


 2016-08-30  n/a