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The Inside Line F1 Podcast is a weekly show that adds humour to the otherwise serious world of Formula 1. Hosted by Mithila and Kunal, this podcast offers an alternative view on the sport, business and politics of Formula 1. Our Pits To Podium segment is hosted by Soumil and Kunal. This segment brings to you topical news, previews, race debriefs and feature stories from the world of Motorsport. For your weekly dose of Formula 1 humour, search 'Inside Line F1 Podcast' on your favourite audio streaming app - we are present everywhere on the Internet. Miss us as you wait for our next episode? Engage with us on Facebook. Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt Stats courtesy: Sundaram Ramaswami & Nithyanand Ram

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episode 1: 1: Un-resolutions For F1 2020

Our first episode of 2020! New Year resolutions are passé, so in this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , we discuss un-resolutions for several Formula 1 teams and drivers. Basically, what should drivers not do, but will anyway do in 2020. For e.g.: Lando Norris said that he wants to be 'less funny' in 2020! In our list, we've got un-resolutions for several teams and drivers...


 2020-01-08  28m

episode 2: 2: F1's Hybrid Two-Stroke Formula: Will The Teams Agree?

Formula 1's next engine formula could be a hybrid two-stroke powered by eco fuels. Yes, when Pat Symonds expressed what the future could be like, we shook our heads in disbelief, too. Isn't two-stroke technology archaic in the world of automobiles? If Formula 1 goes down this road, it will be a perception vs. technology battle on all quarters...


 2020-01-16  19m

episode 3: 3: F1's Two Most Useless Debates

In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , we debate two of Formula 1's most-useless topics. First, free-to-air vs. pay television broadcast where our choice is quality over quantity. Second, how many cylinders should a Formula 1 engine have? The current solutions to both these questions reflect how the business of Formula 1 has evolved over time. We also discuss 'The Baku Way' - a model for new markets of Formula 1 to follow...


 2020-01-31  26m

episode 4: 4: Lawrence Stroll's Next Target? Buy F1

Lawrence Stroll's continued investments in Formula 1. First, a full season of testing for Lance at Williams. Second, a racing seat for Lance at Williams. Third, he bought Force India (now Racing Point). Fourth, he bought British car manufacturer Aston Martin and got them to commit to Formula 1. Could buying Formula 1 from Liberty Media be Lawrence Stroll's next move? Btw, he could still make a bid to buy Mercedes, if the team was actually up for sale. Currently, Stroll sr...


 2020-02-06  22m

episode 5: 5: If Not China, Let F1 Race Twice At...?

The Corona-virus has led to the postponement of the Heineken Chinese Grand Prix. Yes, there's some irony in the disappointment. But for Liberty Media, could this be an opportunity to turn race promoter? Can they host a 'private' Grand Prix in place of China just so that we have 22 races this year? Let's remember that there's money to lose if the calendar is reduced to 21 races in 2020...


 2020-02-15  22m

episode 6: 6: DAS: Mercedes Calling Hamilton's Tyre Bluff?

The DAS (or the dual-axis steering) is like The Matrix! It's everywhere you go on the Internet. Have Mercedes built the DAS to challenge Lewis Hamilton into finding other faults than the tyres? Well, the use-cases and benefits of the DAS are yet to be ascertained so join us as we join the DAS bandwagon in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast. Also in this episode - we reveal Ferrari's ever-predictable pre-season testing strategy...


 2020-02-24  25m

episode 7: 7: In Conversation: Red Bull's Latest Recruit, Jehan Daruvala

Jehan Daruvala is the latest recruit of the Red Bull Junior Team - the Formula 1's team driver development program helmed by the much-feared Dr. Helmut Marko. In this episode of Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , the Formula 2 racer shares how his partnership with Red Bull came about, if he received the infamous early morning call from Dr. Marko, Red Bull's targets and expectations of him in 2020, why he chose Carlin, who his key rivals are in the upcoming season and more...


 2020-02-27  20m

episode 8: 8: 22 Predictions For 2020 Formula 1 Season

We may not have 22 races in the 2020 Formula 1 season, but in this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast ( , we actually have 22 predictions for the upcoming season...


 2020-03-05  39m

episode 9: 9: F1 Strategy: Liberty Media Got Undercut By Corona-virus

To summarise, Liberty Media was undercut by the corona-virus. Yes, that's the unfortunate truth! Liberty Media's strategy for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix was a lot worse than Ferrari's race strategies. Either way, let's hope that the aftereffects of their delayed decision-making isn't too heavy on the human capital of Formula 1. The 12 hours between Mclaren's withdrawal and the eventual cancellation of the race were Liberty Media's worst ever since they took ownership of Formula 1...


 2020-03-14  29m

episode 10: 10: F1’s Hybrid-Season: Virtual + Real Grands Prix

The future is NOW! Formula 1's Virtual Grand Prix series will replace the cancelled / postponed rounds of the 2020 Formula 1 season. Who'd have ever imagined such a start to the sport's 70th year. The upside is that we will see rivals race in equal cars, something otherwise unheard of in Formula 1. The downside could be that not all drivers will participate...


 2020-03-20  32m