Internet History Podcast

A history of the Internet Era from Netscape to the iPad. Oral histories from the people that made the technology happen. "Chapter" episodes providing background on the history of the companies.

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194. The History of the ISP Industry With Sonic's Dane Jasper

Today we continue my efforts to preserve the history of the ISP industry. Today it feels like the Internet is simply all around us all the time, but there are amazing entrepreneurial stories about how that crucial infrastructure was laid. Today we talk...


 2019-04-20  1h26m

Untitled Episode193. The Home Page Film With Doug Block

20 years ago, the acclaimed documentarian Doug Block released a landmark film, Home Page. Doug’s documentary accidentally chronicled the birth of blogging, featuring several people we’ve talked to on this very show, including Justin Hall. But the docum...


 2019-04-07  1h0m

192. Hulu's Founding and Digital Design With Dan Maccarone

Dan Maccarone is a digital design veteran, websites, products, strategy. He's got some amazing stories about the dotcom bubble, about the aftermath, and the rise of Web 2.0. He shares some unique design lessons but also, the story of the birth of ...


 2019-03-23  1h1m

191. Bringing The WSJ Online With Rich Jaroslovsky Part 2

Part two of the WSJ's online adventures intersect with several other stories we've covered on here over the years.


 2019-03-10  45m

190. Bringing The WSJ Online With Rich Jaroslovsky

We’ve had a couple of people come on here to discuss how the New York Times got online, but the spiritual yin to their yang is the Wall Street Journal and we haven’t done enough to explore their path to embracing the internet. It’s worth doing that bec...


 2019-02-25  45m

189. A Legal History of the Web Era With Richard Chapo

It’s bothered me for a while that over the 5 years or so of this podcast, we haven’t focused very much on some corners of the history. For example… the legal side? Copyright law? Intellectual property law? How much have we talked about disruption and p...


 2019-02-10  54m

188. Story With Stephan Paternot Part III

Part three of our epic conversation with Stephan Paternot. Here's what happens when you've been through the wringer. When you've been to the top of the rollercoaster and also down to the bottom. Here's how you take stock of your lif...


 2019-01-26  37m

187. Story with Stephan Paternot Part II

Ok, part 2 of the Stephan Paternot mega-episode right now. This is where we get into the meat of it, the good stuff, the whole crazy roller coaster ride of being the hottest startup of the dotcom era. And I was going to make this the last episode, but ...


 2019-01-06  1h4m

186. Story with Stephan Paternot

I said in the book, I think was the quintessential dot-com company. We spoke to one of the cofounders previously, Todd Krizelman. Todd was great, but he was time constrained and he didn’t quite get as personal about the story as I would ha...


 2018-12-24  50m

Ripple's David Schwartz

David Schwartz is the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP. What is it like to start, build and build out a crypto startup? Is it different than the web and internet startups that we’ve covered on this show...


 2018-12-10  39m