Lead Singer Syndrome with Shane Told

What is it like to be one of the most important members of a band? Shane Told, frontman of the critically-acclaimed rock band Silverstein, brings you candid interviews with all of your favorite singers on this podcast. Is it really all sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll? Find out for yourself on Lead Singer Syndrome.


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THIS IS THE NEW SH*T: 10.30.2020

BIG WEEK! Mike Dresses up for Halloween as a giant pickle.... we talk Bring Me The Horizons MASSIVE new album, Metallica's production, and we highlight a band from ..... Russia! DON'T MISS THS TUES NOVEMBER 3RD AT 3PM WE ARE LIVE ON TWITCH DOING A TRACK BY TRACK ON THE NEW BMTH ALBUM. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM AND COME INTERACT WITH US! TWITCH.TV/SHANETOLD !



Chris DeMakes (Less Than Jake)

Episode 248 - Less Than Jake frontman Chris DeMakes joins the show! Known only as "Chris from LTJ" for his whole career, Chris DeMakes is now broadening his horizons with custom songs, a new book, solo stuff and an AWESOME new Podcast "Chris DeMakes a Podcast" where he discusses songwriting with guests like Mark Hoppus, John Feldmann, Laura Jane Grace and more! Also, we discuss LTJ's devotion to their fanbase, touring with Bon Jovi, and his take on the horns on "Hello Rockview"...



THIS IS THE NEW SH*T: 10.23.2020

Another GREAT week for new music! And once again Mike "The Guru" Howell, has put together the definitive YOU NEED TO CHECK THESE RELEASES OUT NOW list! Don't miss it.... Oh, and don't miss The Record Shelf a BRAND NEW (like it came out today) new website that is designed to keep all your music ORGANIZED. Streaming services are great ... but they're messy! The Record Shelf eliminates that problem and gives you a whole bunch of features as well....AND IT'S FREE! go to TheRecordsShelf...



Roger Lima (Less Than Jake, Rehasher)

Episode 247 - Less Than Jake Bassist/Vocalist Roger Lima joins the show! Originally a guitar player, we discuss if after nearly 30 years he's come to terms with the fact he's a bass player, his foray into producing the bands new album (out Dec 11!!), the 90's punk movement with Green Day and The Offspring, Warped Tour. We also get into his emotional side discussing the hit "The Science of Selling Yourself Short". Brought to you by Manscaped! The best in men's below the waist grooming...



THIS IS THE NEW SH*T: 10.16.2020

I Don't Know How But They ... Changed The Release Date? Also - CANADA represent x2. Actually x3 if you include the new Silverstein album announcement! Bonus: Mike makes BBQ sauce! Brought to you by the band Guardrail, Chicago's finest Diet Punks (not sure what that means but trust me they're really good!). Go pick up their album over at oyerecs.com ! Also brought to you by Manscaped...



Dez Fafara (DevilDriver, Coal Chamber)

Episode 246 - Dez Fafara, frontman of DevilDriver joins the show! In this highly entertaining talk, Dez and Shane discuss the impact of Covid-19 and how Dez saw it coming, Dez's whirlwind 2019, managing other BIG bands, and the tumultuous story behind the break up (and return) of Dez's first band, Nu-Metal legends Coal Chamber. Brought to you by Manscaped! The best in Men's below the waist grooming. For 20% off and free shipping - use code LSS at manscaped.com



THIS IS THE NEW SH*T: 10.09.2020

Another GREAT week for new music. We talk about death of the 100% GREATEST GUITARIST ever, Shane's take on the Emo-rap genre, "legitimate" hardcore, and feature a band who radically changed their sound. Yes, we know Mike's audio gets weird halfway through... don't @ us... Brought to you by Manscaped! The BEST in men's below the belt grooming. Use code LSS for 20% off AND free shipping...



Brian McTernan (Record Producer and vocalist for Be Well and Battery)

WHAT A STORY! WHAT A LEGEND! Legendary Punk and Hardcore producer AND frontman Brian McTernan joins the show! From his days as a hardcore singer in the influential DC Hardcore band Battery, to becoming one of the top record producers, he has so many amazing stories. We talk about the early days, producing bands like Circa Survive, Senses Fail, Thrice, Cave In, and how one day he got so burnt out and quit to work for .....



THIS IS THE NEW SH*T: 10.02.2020

We go WAY off the rails on this one and it's the best episode so far! We talk in depth about last week's #1 pick (Machine Gun Kelly), Bon Jovi, Nickelback (NOT IN THE TOP 5 DON'T FREAK), Shane's dobbleganger in Acceptance, and a lot more! Follow Mike @slappyslam on Instagram for the full list every week. Support for Lead Singer Syndrome is brought to you by MANSCAPED™, who is the best in men’s below-the-waist grooming. Use promo code LSS to save 20% off AND free Shipping at manscaped...



Patrick Miranda (Movements) returns!

Episode 244 - I recorded this just moments ago, and it's so good I decided to put it up right away. Patrick Miranda of Movements is back, talking about what it's like to put out the most important album of their career during a pandemic. We also discuss his mental health during this period, financial worries, and writing a song about sex for the first time. No Good Left To Give is OUT NOW!!! This episode is brought to you by Miller High Life, The Champagne of Beers...