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Critical Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Contributor(s): Achim Steiner | UNDP’s Human Development Report regularly highlights the impacts of so-called ‘wicked problems’ of under-development, instability and conflict. Recent initiatives such as the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development and the SDG Investor Platform aim to encourage more business and investor contributions to tackling these problems and delivering the SDG Agenda...



SHORTCAST | Career and Family: women's century-long journey toward equity

Contributor(s): Professor Claudia Goldin, Professor Jane Humphries, Dr Berkay Ozcan, Dr Iva Tasseva | Goldin's new book traces how generations of women have responded to the problem of balancing career and family as the twentieth century experienced a sea change in gender equality, revealing why true equity for dual career couples remains frustratingly out of reach...



Has COVID killed the office?

Contributor(s): Dr Grace Lordan, Dr Carsten Sorensen, Professor Connson Locke, Hailley Griffis | Joanna Bale talks to LSE’s Connson Locke, Grace Lordan and Carsten Sorensen, as well as Hailley Griffis, a social media management company executive, who believes that offices will soon become extinct.



Dismantling the Apartheid of Our Time: the Palestinian Liberation Movement as an anti-racist struggle

Contributor(s): Dr Noura Erakat | The report built on decades of the intellectual work and political advocacy of Palestinians scholars and organizations. Notably, the HRW report diverges from those legacies in significant ways.


 2021-12-20  1h28m

Systemic Risk in Interconnected Financial Markets

Contributor(s): Professor Luitgard Veraart | This talk explains insights from mathematics to model loss cascades and apply them to recent financial stress events.


 2021-12-17  1h1m

How To Get Away With Killing? A Social Science Counter-investigation

Contributor(s): Professor Didier Fassin, Dr Richard Martin, Christina Varvia | The book engages in a 'counter-investigation' into a fatal encounter between armed French police and a member of the travelling community.  In doing so, it raises deep and troubling questions about the quality of interactions between marginalized communities and official police and judicial processes; and about power, prejudice, and differing constructions of truth...


 2021-12-14  1h42m

Nudge: the final edition

Contributor(s): Professor Richard H Thaler | Richard H Thaler was awarded the 2017 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to the field of behavioural economics. He is the Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioural Science and Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business...


 2021-12-13  57m

Minimum Wages: lessons from international experience

Contributor(s): Professor Manolis Galenianos, Professor Alan Manning, Professor Antigone Lyberaki | Manolis Galenianos is Professor of Economics at Royal Holloway, University of London. Antigone Lyberaki is Professor of Economics at Panteion University, Greece.  Alan Manning is Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Director of the Community Programme at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE...


 2021-12-13  1h29m

What is it like to be an animal?

Contributor(s): Dr Jonathan Birch, Professor Kristin Andrews, Dr Rosalind Arden | This episode features Jonathan Birch, Associate Professor in LSE's Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, Professor Kristin Andrews, the York Research Chair in Animal Minds at York University (Toronto) and Dr Rosalind Arden, Research Fellow at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science. 


 2021-12-13  29m

Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

Contributor(s): Dr Beverly Daniel Tatum | Walk into any racially mixed secondary school and you will see young people clustered in their own groups according to race...


 2021-12-10  53m