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Digital Technology is Making Children's Lives Richer [Audio]

Speaker(s): Julia Hardy, Andrew Keen, Martha Lane Fox, Professor Sugata Mitra, Sue Palmer | In this new series of debates entitled Glass Half Full, being recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Fi Glover pits optimists against pessimists in a new topical debating format. A lead speaker on each side presents their argument, and both question expert witnesses to support their point of view...


 2017-03-28  1h34m

Philosophy and Nazism [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Joseph Cohen, Professor Simona Forti, Dr Brian Klug | Nazism pervaded every level of German society, and philosophers were not immune. While much scholarship has understandably focused on recriminations of key figures, tonight's panel reflect on some broader questions raised: Can philosophy help us understand the nature of evil? And does thinking philosophically really help us live better lives? Joseph Cohen is a Lecturer in Continental Philosophy, University College Dublin...


 2017-03-23  1h25m

Breaking the Glass Ceiling [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Marianne Bertrand | Marianne Bertrand is an applied micro-economist whose research covers the fields of labor economics, corporate finance, and development economics. Her research in these areas has been published widely, including numerous research articles in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of Political Economy, the American Economic Review, and the Journal of Finance. This event is the Economica-Coase Lecture 2017...


 2017-03-23  1h34m

Learning from Complaints: the benefits to organisations of listening to uncomfortable truths [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Alex Gillespie, Dr Tom Reader | Public services such as healthcare receive large volumes of complaints. Traditionally these have been seen as something to manage or even hide. However, from a social psychological standpoint, listening to complaints can potentially provide independent, practical, and unique insights...


 2017-03-22  1h31m

The State of Advanced Economies: forces, interactions and uncertainties [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Olivier Blanchard | Professor Blanchard will discuss the main forces interacting to shape the world economy, and the uncertainties associated with them, namely the legacies of the financial crisis; the decrease in productivity growth; and populism and populist policies. Olivier Blanchard (@ojblanchard1) served as Chief Economist of the IMF from 2008 to 2015...


 2017-03-22  1h18m

Britain's Housing Crisis: causes and cures [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Christian Hilber | Editor's note: The question and answer is not included in the podcast. In his inaugural lecture Christian Hilber explains how Britain’s planning system and tax policy cause the country’s housing crisis and contribute to rising inequality. He will explore how we can do better. Christian Hilber (@ChrisALHilber) is Professor of Economic Geography...


 2017-03-21  1h2m

Gastrophysics – The New Science of Eating [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Charles Spence | Why do we consume 35% more food when eating with one more person, and 75% more when with three? Why are 27% of drinks bought on aeroplanes tomato juice? How are chefs and companies planning to transform our dining experiences, and what can we learn from their cutting-edge insights to make memorable meals at home? These are just some of the ingredients of Gastrophysics, in which the pioneering Oxford professor Charles Spence shows how our senses link up in...


 2017-03-21  1h32m

The Productivity Puzzle [Audio]

Speaker(s): Andrew G Haldane | Productivity growth has weakened across a number of economies over recent years, particularly in the UK. Does this reflect a slowing of innovation? What role can public policy play in supporting productivity growth? Andrew G Haldane is the Chief Economist at the Bank of England. He is also Executive Director for Monetary Analysis, Research and Statistics, and a member of the MPC. Andrew has responsibility for research and statistics across the Bank...


 2017-03-20  1h26m

Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution: history versus myth [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Andrew Walder | As the Mao era, and in particular the Cultural Revolution fade in memory, its history has fallen out of focus and has been infused with myth. Drawing on his recent book, China Under Mao: A Revolution Derailed, Andrew Walder will take up two related questions...


 2017-03-16  1h23m

Citizen Science [Audio]

Speaker(s): Alessandro Allegra, Berris Charnley, Dr Stephen John, Jenny Molloy | From medicine and GMOs to cyber-security and climate change, scientific research is vital to modern life. On the other hand, many of us struggle to get to grips with its increasing complexity. How does this fit with our ideals of democracy? And in an era of mistrust of experts, does science have a legitimacy problem? Our panel considers a radical proposal to rethink the distinction between scientist and citizen...


 2017-03-16  1h24m