Long May You Young

A podcast about Neil Young's music from Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers (of Town Meeting). Proud part of Pantheon - Podcasts for Music Lovers.


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episode 65: 65. Live at the Cellar Door

Even though it wasn't released until 2013, we're heading back to the early 70's again with Live at the Cellar Door! An absolutely fantastic album, we get into why it wasn't included in the archives. We talk about our favorite tunes, as well as the placement of this release. Luke issues a formal apology to Ringo. Mike says he won't record any more episodes unless we get him a 9 foot piano. Luke thinks Neil sounds adorable. Russ doesn't let it bring him down. It's a good one. Patreon...


 December 1, 2021  1h22m

episode 64: 64. Psychedelic Pill (w/ John Craigie)

The Horse is back for a second time in 2012 to deliver one of - in most of our opinions - the finest albums they've ever made. It's Psychedelic Pill! Our pal John Craigie joins us once again and we dive into each song. We fawn over Ramada Inn. Mike threatens physical violence against anyone who doesn't like the song. We find out John is a bit of a whistle snob. Russ has an interesting take on She's Always Dancing. Luke can't get enough of Driftin' Back. It's a great album to talk about...


 November 17, 2021  2h18m

episode 63: 63. Adam CK Vollick (Patreon Sampler)

Luke and Mike got to zoom it up with the uber-talented Adam CK Vollick! Adam is an incredible artist who worked with Neil on Le Noise, Paradox, Mountain Top and so much more. It was a blast to talk to him and and hear about his art and work with Neil. Definitely check out all his amazing stuff over at AdamCKVollick.com - you won't be disappointed! Need some Tea? Tiestatea.com - use promo code Young15 for 15 percent off your order! Pantheonpodcasts...


 November 10, 2021  1h11m

episode 62: 62. Americana

Neil gives us his take on some American classics on his 31st studio album, Americana! And he's back with the horse! The boys lament over the "Lost" episode. We get into the origins of the songs. Luke suggests that maybe Neil is more than a time traveling vampire. Mike laments the amount "Tom Dula's" there are. The Soprano's gets brought up and basically takes over most of the rest of our recording. It's an okay episode, I guess. It's not even close to as good as the Lost episode...


 November 3, 2021  2h15m

episode 60: 60. Dreamin' Man Live '92 / A Treasure (International Harvesters)

Two albums for the price of one today, Youngsters. And oh man, do we got two ABSOLUTE GEMS. We dip into Dreamin' Man and compare it to Harvest Moon. Luke prefers it. Russ thinks it lacks BK, but also loves it. Mike only wants to listen to Such A Woman. We move onto A Treasure and zoom almost immediately kicks Luke off and stops the recording. Russ geeks out over Long Grain. I mean, really geeks himself out. We talk about the Harvesters. We talk about this tour. It's a good episode. Trust me...


 October 20, 2021  1h38m

episode 59: 59. Le Noise

Neil joins forces with the uber talented producer Daniel Lanois to create his 30th studio album, Le Noise! And we join forces to talk about it! We go over the album and the unique way they went about making it. Luke very much loves Love and War. Russ reflects on this being the Neil's first project after the passing of Ben Keith and LA Johnson. Mike very much prefers this version of hitchhiker. Luke recounts stories from Nail's bachelor party. We plug the patreon too much. Pantheonpodcasts...


 October 6, 2021  2h6m

episode 58: 58. Summer Wrap-up / Patreon Announcement / Workin' Men (Rush Podcast)

Spoiler alert: There is almost zero Neil Young talk in this episode. Also - THIS ONE IS RIDICULOUS. If this is your first time tuning in - sorry. Mike couldn't make it this week, but Russ and Luke were near the equipment anyway so they thought they'd record a little something to show you they didn't forget about you and to let you know this is the end of their lackadaisical summer. Listen. We know we've been scarce. But that ends in October! Oh and we have a Patreon now! Patreon...


 September 29, 2021  34m

episode 57: 57. Fork In The Road

It's Neil's 29th studio album and boy is it a fun one to talk about! The boys have mixed feelings about it. We get into the Lincvolt and the documentary behind it. Russ talks about Ben Keith and this being his last album with Neil. Luke loves Just Singing A Song. We toss around the idea of a Patreon page (Then while Luke is editing the episode, he gets drunk and makes one - patreon.com/longmayyouyoung). We interview Markus Rei, who worked with Neil on the Lincvolt project. It's a good time...


 September 8, 2021  2h31m

episode 56: 56. Chrome Dreams II

This episode is for all the ordinary youngsters. A half a million youngsters. A factory full of youngsters. A train load of youngsters. Out of town youngsters. Rippin' off the youngsters. Tryin' to help the youngsters. A warning to the youngsters. Protection for the youngsters. Vigilante youngsters. Conscientious youngsters. Government youngsters. Patch a' ground youngsters. Hard workin' youngsters. Lee Iacocca youngsters. Fightin' for the youngsters. Las Vegas youngsters...


 August 25, 2021  2h31m

episode 55: 55. Live at Massey Hall / Live at The Fillmore East

I hate to get all Staind folks but it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, fear not! The boys are back talking about the first two installments of the ever growing archives! But in true LMYY style, we banter a bit before hand. Not gonna lie there's like 13 minutes of strait banter before Neil gets mentioned at all. What do you want? We had to catch up. We missed each other! Anyway once we get into the meat, we compare the two records. We talk about the highs and lows of each. Russ is sick...


 August 4, 2021  1h42m