Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.


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EPISODE 079: Pain, Trauma, We All Have It, Own It: Patrick Ianni

This is a timely episode as we move through the political changes of a “Trump America.” How do we deal with the pain, suffering, and triggering others cause us? That we cause ourselves? Can we remain healthy in such a violent and volatile space? I


 2017-02-01  1h18m

EPISODE 078: Loser Stories: Anger is OK: Ron Smith

This continuation of Ron's story reminds us that it is ok to be angry. In fact, it's downright therapeutic.


 2017-01-25  57m

EPISODE 077: Loser Stories: People Think I'm an Atheist?: Ron Smith

Ron Smith is a 6'8" pleasure to be around. We converse around punk rock, spiritual abuse, abuse, atheism, agnosticism, Catholicism, being bitter and angry, and finding joy in our now, lives of liberality.


 2017-01-18  57m

EPISODE 076: Loser Stories: Down the Rabbit Hole 2: Ray Gilford

We continue with Ray Gilford's story in this episode. Diving into his life as an introvert. Introversion and religion do not mix well. At least not in corporate America or within American religion.


 2017-01-11  1h4m

MEGA EPISODE: TURN YOUR PAIN INTO ART: Making the world a better place: Taylor Hughes and Zac Gandara

We pummel topics like excommunicating the Church, being shunned by others, the excitement of living normal life, starting businesses, being entrepreneurs, and turning our toughest pains into works of art.


 2017-01-04  2h53m

EPISODE 075: Loser Stories: Down the Rabbit Hole: Ray Gilford

Taking the plunge down the rabbit hole embracing the questioning of everything. Conspiracy theory, Christian teachings, the formation of America, the Bible, the Apocrypha, the lost books of the Bible, and more.


 2016-12-28  54m

EPISODE 074: Christmas Card Holiday Episode: Jen Gandara

Jen and I sit down and run through our 2016 with you while listening to music, drinking tasty beverages, sharing candidly about where we are at in our lives together, regarding, religion, politics, family, having children, and our hopes for the upcoming


 2016-12-21  1h35m

EPISODE 073: Rune Draws & The Heathen Way: Asatru Gothi: Alf Herigstad

An Asatru Gothi, Heathen Gothi (Preist) who finds his Rune Stones and prepares to read my Rune draw. As a bonus, he invited me to attend his Kindred’s Yule Blót this last weekend. Plus bonus material about my experience at the Yule Blót as I recorde


 2016-12-14  1h50m

EPISODE 072: Norse, Pentecostal, Heathenry, Paganism, Thor and My Stones?: Asatru Gothi: Alf Herigstad

Alf Herigstad, he was on the path to be a Pentecostal demon hunting preacher when he became a Norwegian Reality TV Star (Alt For Norge, Season 3) where he found the spiritual path of his ancestors and then becomes an Asatru Gothi. Not in this particular


 2016-12-07  1h1m

EPISODE 071: Great Minds Discuss Ideas: Author Abolitionist Zach Hunter

We ravage through the topics of the dualism argument, the gender fluidity of God, humanism, eastern versus western world views, outer space, Elon Musk, social justice, and why the church has sucked at it.


 2016-11-30  1h4m