Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.


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Episode 015: Dropping Our Beliefs: Seattle Sounder: Steve Zakuani

Steve was present for the last sermon I ever preached at my former Mega-Machine. In fact, that's when we first met. I knew almost immediately that he was much different from any other pro athlete/celebrity I had ever met. In Seattle, Futbol (Soccer)...


 2015-11-04  1h7m

EPISODE 014: Jesus Chakra & Porn: Seth Taylor

This may very well be the most transparent and meaningful episode we've recorded yet. (At least in regards to my own experience of losing my religion.) A journey into the depths of my own past hurts, current fears, and repressed anger that I am still...


 2015-10-28  1h27m

EPISODE 013: A Mom & Son Story: Terra & Leo

Terra and Leo are my friends. Terra is a successful working Mom of two. While working and raising the Kids with Jeff, one of my good friends, and the kid's Dad. (Papa as they call him.) Terra had a Christian upbringing through the Foursquare...


 2015-10-21  1h14m

EPISODE 012: Art & Being: John Criscitello

John is one of the few people I have ever met that has no religious background at all. He would refer to it as a more naturalist upbringing. However, his experience with televised American Christianity is hilarious. John is an amazing artist. A man...


 2015-10-14  1h1m

EPISODE 011: There is Power in Being Public: Lysia Nieves

We've always wanted Losing Our Religion to be a hilarious and candid look at religion and culture, where I, a former American pastor has drinks with former religious freaks, and others I used to shun. Like Gays, Anarchists, Queers, Atheists,...


 2015-10-07  1h1m

EPISODE 010: Christian Anarchy?: Tooth & Nail Alumni Jeff Bettger and Matt Johnson

Jeff Bettger & Matt Johnson have known each other for over 20 years. They've played in multiple bands together in and outside of Tooth & Nail Records. Ninety Pound Wuss, Raft Of Dead Monkeys, Suffering And The Hideous Thieves together and then...


 2015-09-30  1h4m

EPISODE 009: Things Being Learned After the Institution: Seth McBee

It's funny how often the friends that you need in certain seasons tend to show up. Although I know that's not all of our stories, because there's been many seasons of hard times in my life that no one showed up. Seth was a friend that came into my...


 2015-09-23  1h15m

EPISODE 008: Labeling Our Own "God's": Michael Schmitt

Labels are STUPID!  I hate titles, categories and the boxes we put each other in.  SO many of us have this need to label ourselves and each other. Far too often we embrace the labels they put on us; we put them on our chests like scarlet...


 2015-09-16  1h11m

EPISODE 007: They're Not All Bad Right?: Nathan Parrish

Welcome, my friend Nathan Parrish to the show. Nathan does tattooing - art - and music - IN FACT he's currently touring with Christian Mega Group KUTLESS, that's what he does.  But what we do, doesn't define who we are.  Nathan is a good...


 2015-09-09  1h30m

EPISODE 006: The Magic of Questioning Everything: Taylor Hughes

What if you had spent 20 years giving your life to an institution, then as you began to see what was on top of it, knew you couldn’t do it anymore and resigned? But instead of a thank you, you were given a bribe.  A $12,000 nondisclosure...


 2015-09-02  1h18m