Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.


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EPISODE 088: How to Solve the Social Media Problem in Our Relationships: Daniel O’Connell

A hilarious whirlwind through feminism, the women’s march, climate change, World War 3, the optimist viewpoint of Donald Trump being president, the problem with hell, and saving social media.


 2017-04-12  1h28m

EPISODE 087: Revolution Vs. Rebellion. Questioning Our Sexuality? Comedy! Growing Empathy: Daniel O’Connell

Social change through comedy, sexuality, gay, lgbtq, and comedians Bo Burnham, Bill Burr, Pete Holmes, Aziz Ansari. Rules of cocaine use with Paul Walker, Ben Whishaw, Idris Elba, and The Wire.


 2017-04-05  1h12m

EPISODE 086: Millennial Mashup: Part 2: Braden Sigua and Frances Divinagracia

FAKE NEWS, the millennials, technology, finding truth, Bernie Sanders, the NSA, the future of the world, America, and you.


 2017-03-29  1h4m

EPISODE 085: Millennial Mashup: Part 1: Braden Sigua



 2017-03-22  1h9m

REJECTED CONTENT: Evangelicalism Vs. Jesus: Kyle Reynolds Interviews Zac Gandara

The topic they asked me to address? Evangelicalism Vs Jesus. I was nervous, but excited to again be talking with "Christians." The talk went great, and the interview was really encouraging. But the podcast never posted...


 2017-03-15  45m

EPISODE 084: Weed Eater, Beer Drinker, Trans, Prog Metal Head, Christian?: Rejyna Douglass-Whitman

In this episode, we dive into Rejyna’s Christianity. As well as her Trans* journey. One of the beautiful things about this episode is how fluid the conversation goes from storytelling to questioning, to explanation, to reflective open-ended free thoug


 2017-03-08  1h25m

 2017-03-01  1h9m

EPISODE 082: Part 2: A Man Loves a Woman, an Atheist Marries a Christian: Dave and Grace Kwon

We jump right back into it with Grace continuing her story of what it was like letting her Christian friends know about her relationship with Dave, the baby eating Atheist. What’s so beautiful about their story is how their differing beliefs created a


 2017-02-22  59m

EPISODE 081: A Man Loves a Woman, an Atheist Marries a Christian: Dave and Grace Kwon

A man loves a woman, so an Atheist marries a Christian. Grace (a Christian) meets Dave (an Atheist), they work through their differences, become friends, fall in love, and get married. Is that allowed? Does it matter? How did they do it? What about t


 2017-02-15  55m

EPISODE 080: The Non-Work Work of Moving Through Challenges and Reaching Goals: Patrick Ianni

Patrick Ianni, NCAA All-American, U.S. Olympian and Major League Soccer standout and I engage in a revealing and transparent conversation about our personal struggles of growth in our lives, our marriages, and how we’re engaging the non-work work of emb


 2017-02-07  1h8m