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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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MacVoices #15162: Kirk McElhearn Takes Control of Audio Hijack

Kirk McElhearn is the author of the brand new Take Control of Audio Hijack, and joins us to talk about the capabilities of Rogue Amoeba’s versatile audio recording and processing utility.


 2015-08-20  45m

MacVoices #15161: The MacJury Contemplates What We Want and Need In The Next iPad

With rumors of new iPads flying and a probable September Apple event, The MacJury take a look at the current crop of iPads, and what they both want and need in the next iteration.


 2015-08-18  1h2m

MacVoices #15160: Joe Kissell Helps You Maintain Your Mac

Joe Kissell helps you make your Mac run smoother in his new book, Maintaining Your Mac: A Joe On Tech Guide. Joe covers Apple utilities, third-party utilities and good computing practices in his bid to keep your computer running smoothly.


 2015-08-05  46m

MacVoices #15159: Jackie Dove Presents 10 Great Photoshop Alternatives

Jackie Dove has some tips on picking alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop for those who don’t want to pay the price in cash or learning curve, but still want to improve their photos. Based on an article she did for The Next Web…


 2015-08-03  48m

MacVoices #15158: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Keynote

Joe Kissell has a new book (what a surprise!), Take Control of Keynote, and he explains why he took two separate approaches to advising you on Apple’s presentation program. First, Joe looks at the technical aspects of Keynote…


 2015-07-29  44m

MacVoices #15157: Kirk McElhearn Takes Control of iTunes 12 and Apple Music

Kirk McElhearn has released Take Control of iTunes 12, a title that not only covers Apple’s music player as well as the new Apple Music service. Kirk takes us through the goods and no-so-goods of the new iTunes and Apple’s streaming music service.


 2015-07-27  56m

MacVoices #15156: Jeff Carlson Discusses Photos for OS X and iOS

Jeff Carlson just finished Photos for OS and iOS, his effort to help you get the most out of Apple’s new photo app and services, what Photos and its related cloud-based options bring to the table for all levels of photographers.


 2015-07-23  41m

MacVoices #15155: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of TextExpander For The Second Time

Michael E. Cohen is back with the second edition of Take Control of TextExpander, the book that helps you get the most out of both TextExpander 5 and TextExpander 3, discussing how the new version offers snippet suggestions and automatic snippet creation


 2015-07-21  53m

MacVoices #15154: Ted Landau On His Next Mac, Apple Music and Living In The Future

Ted Landau provides some perspective on the future and why he thinks we are living in it. From Apple’s Siri to the Amazon Echo to his Ring Doorbell, Ted is quickly getting used to having problems solved or inconveniences resolved just by verbally asking.


 2015-07-20  57m

MacVoices #15153: Jeff Carlson Talks Apple Watch and His Take Control Crash Course

Jeff Carlson is back to talk about the latest edition of Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course, how Apple Watch can benefit users, and the role that expectations have in the success of the device.


 2015-07-20  54m