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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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MacVoices #15027: CES - iHome Releases A Wide Variety of New Audio Products

On the show floor at International CES, Ike Silver and Jennifer Garrett give us a tour of just some of the new products being introduced by iHome. From a flask-like speaker to a shower speaker, from an oversized snooze button alarm clock to…


 2015-01-16  9m

MacVoices #15026: CES - BlueAnt Shows Headphones, Car Speakerphones and More

On the show floor at International CES, Erick McAfee of BlueAnt give us a quick tour of their products, including their Pump Mini Sport Bluetooth earbuds, as well as their other earbuds, earphones and speakerphones.


 2015-01-15  5m

MacVoices #15025: CES - Lume Cube Sheds Light On Your Video Projects

On the show floor at International CES, Matt Cummins, the Chief Operating Officer of Lume Cube, gives us a look at their unique, compact, portable LED light source for your next video or photography project. What makes the Lume Cube different is the iOS app that gives you full control over brightness, duration of light and more.

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 2015-01-15  4m

MacVoices #15024: CES - TrackR Helps You Not Lose Things, and Find Them When You Do

On the show floor at International CES, we found Jeremy Fish of TrackR, who explained how their devices will not only help you locate items you’ve lost, but help prevent you from losing them in the first place.


 2015-01-14  5m

MacVoices #15023: CES - MDLIVE Puts A Real, Live Doctor on Your iPad or iPhone

On the show floor at International CES, Randy Parker, the Founder, President and CEO of MDLIVE, a pay-as-you-need-it service that lets you consult with a physician, live, on your iPhone or iPad.


 2015-01-14  9m

MacVoices #15022: CES - Hocoma Helps Prevent or Cure Your Aching Back With Valedo

From International CES, Robert MacKenzie, PhD of Hocoma, gives us a demonstration of their home physical therapy hardware/software combination. With easy-to-wear sensors and an easy-to-use application that applies gamification to therapeutic exercises,


 2015-01-14  8m

MacVoices #15021: CES - ONvocal's Mix360 Mixes Your Music, Phone Calls and Environment Audio

From the show floor at International CES, Bob Spaner,of ONvocal, introduces their Mix360, a headset that is much more than just a headset. By using their iOS app, you can mix and set the volume levels for your music, phone calls and outside environment.


 2015-01-14  7m

MacVoices #15020: CES - Geco's Camera Provides A First-Person Perspective on Your World

From the show floor at International CES, Prinesh Naidoo, the Chief Executive Officer of Geco, shows off their camera that attaches to your glasses and gives you a first-person perspective on whatever you’re doing.


 2015-01-14  5m

MacVoices #15019: CES - Gripix Provides Form and Function in GoPro Accessories

On the show floor at International CES, Tyler Reid and Anthony Walsh give two different perspectives on their Gripix line of accessories for GoPro cameras. Tyler discusses the design aspects of their mounts, handles and attachments; Anthony gives real…


 2015-01-14  10m

MacVoices #15018: CES - Glide Lets You Send Video Texts to Watch Now or Later

On the show floor at International CES, Adam Korbl, co-founder of Glide, introduces us to their video texting service. Available to watch in near real-time or at the recipient’s convenience, Glide lets you take that personal message to the next level.


 2015-01-13  10m