Mosaic of China

An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.一个轻松愉快的英语播客,展示了一群目前正在中国留下印记的人。

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 26m. Bisher sind 44 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 22: The Immersive Producer (Roz Coleman, Sleep No More)

At the time of recording, Roz Coleman was the International Company Manager of the immersive theatre experience “Sleep No More” in Shanghai. This has given Roz a unique appreciation of audience responses in different countries and cultures, and during ou...


 2020-02-18  28m

episode 21: The Broadcast Master (Yang Yi, Co-Founder, JustPod)

Yang Yi is a Chinese editor, a broadcaster, and one of the trailblazers in the new world of podcasting in China. He is the host of two podcasts, a culture-themed show called "Left-Right", and a show called "Go! LIVE" where he invites reporters in China t...


 2020-02-11  32m

episode 20: The Cookie Empress (Lexie Comstock, Strictly Cookies)

Lexie Comstock is the Founder of Strictly Cookies, and we’ve known each other now for over four years. So I thought I knew all about her when we sat down for our conversation. But just like an unexpectedly under-baked cookie, Lexie's story was notable fo...


 2020-02-04  27m

episode 19: The Events Entrepreneur (Stephane de Montgros, Riviera Events)

Stephane de Montgros first came to China as an engineering graduate, and today is the Director of an events and hospitality company. In our conversation, we trace this circuitous career path, and make observations about the current state of the hospitali...


 2020-01-21  25m

episode 18: The Jewelry Craftsman (Angie Wu, AWÜ Studio)

I didn't know I was interested in the art of jewellery design until I met Angie. Maybe that's because I didn't think about the precision of the tool-work; maybe it's because I didn't pay attention to the forms and structure of precious metals; or maybe i...


 2020-01-14  24m

episode 17: The Aussie Opportunist (Simon Manetti, Kantar Consulting)

It's time to relect on the end of the year, and the end of the decade. So as you’re listening to Simon Manetti reflect on his last 10 years of choices and chances in China, take a moment to think about the forces that brought you to where you are today. ...


 2019-12-17  26m

episode 16: The Urban Artist (Nini Sum, IdleBeats)

Today’s interview is with the artist Nini Sum. We talk about her life and work as the co-founder of IdleBeats, the first independent screen print studio in China, as well as her take on artistic expression and the arts scene in general in China. You’ll...


 2019-12-10  26m

Mosaic of China with Oscar Fuchs - Bonus Episode on "Community"

We're marking the halfway point of Season 1 by releasing a special episode in which Oscar is interviewed by Shannon Martin, Director of Communications at Podbean, to discuss the topic of "Community". Since building real and virtual communities is at th...


 2019-12-03  16m

episode 15: The FinTech Philosopher (Srinivas Yanamandra, NDB)

Srinivas Yanamandra ("Srini") is the Chief Compliance Officer at the New Development Bank (NDB), the only multilateral organisation based in Shanghai. Comprised of the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the bank has a uniqu...


 2019-11-26  30m

episode 14: The Aquarium Queen (Emily Madge, Asia Head of Conservation, Sea Life)

In case you ever feel like complaining about logistics, bureaucracy and red tape in China, spare a thought for Emily Madge, who was part of the team in charge of transporting two beluga whales from Shanghai to Iceland. In today’s episode we discuss this ...


 2019-11-19  28m