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Craig Barton interviews guests from the wonderful world of education about their approaches to teaching, educational research and more. All show notes, resources and videos here:

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#189 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 11 (with Ollie Lovell)

In this conversation, Craig Barton and Ollie Lovell discuss various teaching strategies and approaches. They cover topics such as the importance of choosing effective examples, the benefits of using green smoothies for breakfast, and the concept of hands-up cold call. They also explore the idea of starting with general examples instead of easy specific cases, and how this can improve student understanding and engagement...



#188 Ten ways to get amazing GCSE maths results with Jo Morgan

Craig Barton and Jo Morgan discuss Jo's career journey and the context of her school. They then dive into the topic of achieving amazing GCSE results, starting with the importance of a solid Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculum and pedagogy. Jo emphasizes the need for high-quality teaching, a robust curriculum, and going into depth on topics. She also discusses the benefits of setting and the challenges of staffing Key Stage 3...



#187 How to coach responsively with Josh Goodrich

In this episode, Craig Barton interviews Josh Goodrich, the co-founder and CEO of Step Lab, about his experience as an English teacher and his work in teacher education. They discuss the importance of instructional coaching and the challenges schools face in implementing effective coaching programs. Josh emphasizes the need for schools to de-implement ineffective practices and create a culture that supports coaching...


 March 14, 2024  2h12m

#186 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 10 (with Ollie Lovell)

In this conversation, Craig and Ollie discuss various topics including Brian Johnson's quest to beat the aging process, fitness goals, teaching reading using Monster Phonics, treating failures as system failures, effective teacher professional development, and the use of silent teacher and checking for listening in the classroom. In this part of the conversation, Craig Barton and Ollie Lovell discuss various teaching strategies and methods...


 February 22, 2024  1h17m

#185 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 9 (with Ollie Lovell)

This month Ollie Lovell and I discuss the following things:

  1. Why change needs a deep understanding (08:15)
  2. The power of using critical evidence during CPD (23:10)
  3. Is making feedback into detective work really a good idea? (39:39)
  4. The Derring Effect (55:04)
  5. What have you got worse at? (1:11:24)
  6. I need the toilet (1:20:25)

You can view the show notes here:


 January 22, 2024  1h32m

#184 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 8 (with Ollie Lovell and Zach Groshell)

In this episode, Craig, Ollie, and special guest Zach Groschel discuss various topics related to education. They start by introducing themselves and discussing their current locations. Then, they dive into the importance of standardizing entry and exit routines in schools. They also explore the concept of relentless precision in holding high standards and the obstacles to understanding that teachers may face...


 December 12, 2023  2h4m

#183 How to help students remember things with Nick Soderstrom

Cognitive psychologist, Nick Soderstrom, joins me to talk about all things memory and retrieval. We discuss the important distinction between learning and performance, and then dive into four desirable difficulties: testing, spacing, interleaving and pre-testing. Links can be found in the show notes:


  1. Memory, learning, and career paths with a cognitive psychologist...


 November 30, 2023  2h25m

#182 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 7 (with Ollie Lovell)

Teacher, author and my arch-rival podcaster, Ollie Lovell, joins me from the land Down Under for the seventh of our monthly chats. We each share three things we have been thinking about from the world of education recently. In this episode, we discuss CPD, checking for understanding, rehearsal, lesson planning, and more. For show notes, videos and links please visit this page: mrbartonmaths...


 November 3, 2023  1h12m

#181 Mark McCourt: Tips for teachers, Mastery, Reflections and Retirement

Where to begin? Mark McCourt has done it all. From maths teacher, head of maths, head teacher, Ofsted inspector, CEO, founder, and the creator of MathsConf. I first met Mark almost 20 years ago, and have learned from him ever since. This is Mark’s 3rd appearance on the podcast, and given he recently announced his retirement, I fear it may be his last.

To access the show-notes, please visit: mrbartonmaths...


 October 25, 2023  3h54m

#180 Surviving and thriving an Ofsted inspection with Ofsted's Maths Subject Lead Steve Wren

The episode features a conversation with Ofsted's Maths Subject Lead, Steve Wren. We discuss everything from inspections, subject deep-dive, lesson observations, book scrutinies, COVID and more. For show notes, please visit:


  1. Education career, controversies, and accents. (13:13)
  2. Maths education, policy, and personal interests. (15:31)
  3. Maths education and refereeing football...


 September 29, 2023  3h8m