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episode 12: Meet the Other Dr. Gilmer

When Benjamin Gilmer first took his job as a physician at a clinic in rural NC, he had no idea it would lead him to discover one man’s tragedy and uncover a nationwide mental health crisis.

His debut book, THE OTHER DR. GILMER: Two Men, a Murder, and an Unlikely Fight for Justicetakes us on a gripping journey through Benjamin Gilmer’s unwilling entry into a harrowing janiform existence, literally taking the place of another physician, Dr...


 2022-04-07  36m

episode 11: Cacti and Snowflakes in the Office with Devora Zack

In this special crossover episode with our sister podcast, PR After Hours, we meet best-selling author and Leadership Consultant, Devora Zack, whose latest book—The Cactus and Snowflake at Work: How the Logical and Sensitive Can Thrive Side by Side (Berrett-Koehler; Nov 02, 2021) --answers the question: can people with fundamentally different ways of thinking and engaging with the world work together? The answer is yes!

Zack says the best use of our energy is to focus on our own...


 2022-03-17  21m

episode 10: Mystery, Romance, and Podcasting with Jenny Wheeler

New Zealand-based historical mystery author (Of Gold & Blood series) and podcaster on The Joys of Binge Reading show Jenny Wheeler joins us for a fun chat about her popular books, her approach to writing, and her podcast. Listen in!

Visit her website:


 2022-03-10  27m

episode 6: Nina Boski on Marilyn Monroe and Mental Health

Almost sixty years after her tragic death, the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe is more popular than ever (14+ million Facebook fans and counting), but the truth behind her tragic and untimely passing remains a fascinating mystery. The popular "Marilyn: Behind the Icon" dramatic podcast series produced by LifeBites Global portrays Monroe up close and personal with a dramatic storyline featuring narration, dramatic acting, and commentary by a mental health expert...


 2022-03-03  36m

episode 5: Riding the Rails with Ed Davis

Before the current boom in “van life” and nomadic living, author Ed Davis rode the rails – hopping boxcars and freight trains – from Reno to Vancouver, through the Sierras and up and down the Golden State. As a young man, he lived on $5 a day, worked as a carny, and even slept under the same bridge Kerouac once did. Living as a part-time hobo, he and his friends - the “knights of the road” - experienced a world that no longer exists...


 2022-02-24  31m

It All Comes Down to Faith

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 2022-02-19  1m

episode 4: Claudia Chidester's Trusted Eye

Virginia Fontaine fought continually for recognition—as a woman, a photographer, an art curator, and, perhaps most importantly, a liaison between beleaguered German artists and the outside world. Through journals, letters, and photographs, she recorded her uniquely intimate perspective on this period, amid an ever-changing constellation of artists and friends...


 2022-02-17  30m

episode 3: Joann Keder on Making It Happen

A writer since the age of ten, Joann Keder wrote her first novel at twelve, but always convinced herself she wasn't good enough, smart enough, etc. In addition, she had a real lack of a "core" or sense of self her entire life. Part of that confusion was due to being an adoptee who didn't fit in with her family or the small town where she grew up. Consequently, she went through several bouts of depression, both large and small...


 2022-02-10  30m

episode 2: James Gilbert Goes to Mexico

Thirty-five years ago, James Gilbert’s book was named a notable book of the year by The New York Times. That was for a book on history by the noted historian. Now he is at it again, this time with a suspenseful thriller that reveals a murder mystery that will keep readers guessing – and on the edge of their seats.

Murder at the Olympiad, his fourth novel and 16th book, is the second of a series with Amanda Pennyworth as an amateur detective...


 2022-02-03  28m

episode 1: Composing for Bollywood with Priyanka Lalwani

Join us for a fun conversation with the talented Priyanka Lalwani. She composes music for film and TV, most recently for a new Bollywood film. Today she shares her story, how Bollywood films are unique, what goes into scoring a film, as well as marketing tips during the pandemic. Trust us, Priyanka sounds great--listen in! 

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 2022-01-27  30m