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Chapter 31: Rumors Of My Death...

Alex is back, updating you on the mundane details of his health along with news of the latest John Pilate Mystery, Pilate's Rose. He also breaks news about his collaboration with the late author Robert E. Trevathan and a very special premium for John Pilate fans! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2018-04-09  25m

Chapter 30: Unwed Debuts

Our friend Jason McIntyre returns to talk about his new novel, Unwed. Pre-order this fantastic addition to the Dovetail Cove saga before Oct. 27 to enjoy a great discount off the retail price! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2017-10-24  37m

Chapter 29: Key West Survives...

In this episode, we discuss the awesome power of mother nature and its destruction in Texas, the Caribbean, and Florida, specifically Key West. Key West is a setting for much of the John Pilate Mystery Series, and Alex reads a few pages about this unusual, interesting and even macabre little gem that is the quirky home of the southernmost point of the United States. Please donate to the American Red Cross to help the people affected by this massively destructive storm...


 2017-09-12  39m

Chapter 28: Mickelson's Wondrous Life

Alex interviews Grammy-balloted singer/songwriter Mickelson about his creative process, his take on the music business and also treats us to a track from Mickelson's new album, A Wondrous Life, coming Fall 2017. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


 2017-08-08  41m

Chapter 27: And We're Back ... #TryPod

Alex begs your pardon, shares a few words from the upcoming new book and begs shamelessly.

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 2017-03-31  21m

Chapter 26: Thanksgiving Mackin' About The Walking Dead, Writing, Trump and More

Alex gives thanks with a Thanksgiving bonanza of a show!

He welcomes back acclaimed bestselling author Jason McIntyre to the show! The guys talk about (and provide tips for) the writing life, audiobooks, book cover creation by Jason, The Walking Dead and more!

Jason is the #1 Kindle Suspense author of THE NIGHT WALK MEN, bestsellers ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED, the multi-layered literary suspense THALO BLUE and his latest: ZED...


 2016-11-23  1h14m

Chapter 25: A Halloween Treat

It's nearly Halloween!

In that spirit, Alex reads his acclaimed suspense short story Obsidian.

Catch a disturbing glimpse of the night with this multiple award-winning short story in the tradition of The Twilight Zone. A man awakens in a secluded cabin to find he's being watched by a shape with obsidian eyes...


 2016-10-25  26m

Chapter 24: Take a Self-E

Alex talks about getting your indie ebook into the hot little hands of your local librarian.

Here's the link to the Self-E Program he discusses:

And here's a link to the Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition (tell them J. Alexander Greenwood sent ya!):


 2016-09-21  18m

Chapter 23: Star Trek II: The Guys Drone On

In our last Star Trek-related show (at least for a while...) Mysterious Goings On fan and consumer of great fictionMike Z of Racine warps back over for a discussion about the Star Trek movies, including the legendarily bad Star Trek V and the incredibly good Star Trek VI. 

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 2016-09-05  33m

Chapter 22: Trekkin' with @Zoofster

Mysterious Goings On fan and consumer of great fiction Mike Z of Racine beams in for a discussion about the Star Trek movies that is sure to inflame, cause your head to nod or put you to sleep! Check it out, even if you're a casual Trekker, you might grok some Spockage.

Follow Mike on Twitter! @Zoofster

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 2016-08-30  35m