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Coronapod: What could falling COVID death rates mean for the pandemic?

Around the world, COVID death rates are falling, but why?


 2020-11-19  16m

The troubling rise of facial recognition technology

Scientists have grave concerns over ethical and societal impacts of facial-recognition technology. In this surveillance special, we dig into the details. In this episode: 03:24 Standing up against ‘smart cities’ Cities across the globe are installi...


 2020-11-18  35m

Audio long-read: The enigmatic organisms of the Ediacaran Period

New fossil finds and new techniques reveal evidence that early animals were more complex than previously thought.


 2020-11-13  19m

Revealed: the impact of noise and light pollution on birds

Researchers try to unpick the complex relationship between sensory pollutants and bird reproduction, and how to combat organised crime in fisheries.


 2020-11-11  39m

A powerful radio burst from a magnetic star

Astronomers pin down the likely origins of mysterious fast radio bursts, and the latest on what the US election means for science. In this episode: 00:46 The origins of mysterious fast radio bursts The detection of a brief but enormously-powerful r...


 2020-11-04  34m

Talking politics, talking science

Science and politics are not easy bedfellows - "Stick to the science" is a three part series which aims to find out why In the final episode we ask in this world of intertwined politics and science, how should we talk about it?


 2020-10-30  23m

Politics of the life scientific

Science and politics are not easy bedfellows - "Stick to the science" is a three part series which aims to find out why. If you are a scientist working right now, what role does politics play in your work, your research, your life?


 2020-10-29  24m

A brief history of politics and science

In this miniseries "Stick to the science" we explore the complex relationship between science and politics. In this first episode, we look back to history to try and unpick how this relationship has evolved and where Nature as a publication f...


 2020-10-28  28m

Lab–grown brains and the debate over consciousness

The chances of mini brains becoming sentient, and a UK government decision threatens gender diversity in academia.


 2020-10-28  38m

The science behind an 'uncrushable' beetle’s exoskeleton

The structure of a beetle’s super-strong exoskeleton could open up new engineering applications, and efforts to address diversity and equality imbalances in academia.


 2020-10-21  37m