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The NOT REAL ART podcast celebrates creative culture and the artists who make it. NOT REAL ART is fresh, fun and inspiring. It contains material not suitable for pretentious art snobs. Guests include the world-class artists, designers and creatives who drive the $2T creative economy. NOT REAL ART is hosted by L.A. based art world insiders Man One and Sourdough who bring their devil-may-care attitude to discussing their mutual love — and hate — for the contemporary art world, creative culture, and everything in between. If you're an an arts professional or creative culture enthusiast, NOT REAL ART is for you!

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episode 143: Daniela Garcia: Winner of the 2021 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists

Although we may see what’s happening on the U.S-Mexican border on the news, how many of us truly understand the plight of people who are stuck there or those who have made it across but live in constant fear? Daniel Garcia is a first-generation Mexican American artist and a 2021 NRA Grant Winner. Along with this, she is also an art educator and just an all-around incredible human being. In today’s episode, we hear about why Daniel is so passionate about the border and immigrant-related issues...



episode 142: Sourdough's Hotline: 833-668-7325

On today's show, Sourdough encourage listeners to call in and leave messages on the hotline: 833-668-7325



episode 141: Gair Maxwell: Inspiring Leaders to Create Legendary Brands

Have you ever wondered how certain people and companies achieve larger-than-life status? Well, today’s guest has some theories about what legends are made of, with empirical evidence to back them up! International brand consultant Gair Maxwell has worked with some of the world’s most dynamic organizations, including Apple, Caterpillar, NAPA, and Virginia Tech...



Sy Smith: The Life of an Artistic Chameleon - The Conduit

“Publishing and performing rights are constantly in flux, and I find myself constantly having to keep up with that stuff.” — (@Syberspace) [0:42:48]A true artistic chameleon, today’s guest, Sy Smith, is a renowned songwriter, session singer, and actor...



Fitz & The Tantrums: Joe Karnes and Jeremy Ruzumna - The Conduit

As musicians, finding the balance between wanting to evolve and experiment, and making the music your fans know you for is difficult. Soul pop masterminds Fitz and the Tantrums have managed to produce incredibly diverse records while maintaining, and even growing, their dedicated fanbase. Today's guests, Joe Karnes and Jeremy Ruzumna are key members of the chart-topping group. While they are mostly known for being in Fitz and the Tantrums, both Joe and Jeremy have had long musical journeys...



Peanut Butter Wolf: Founding Stones Throw Records - The Conduit

“It's important to get your stuff heard by industry people but it's equally, if not more important, to find fans who have made it doing the stuff you're doing.” — Chris Manak [0:25:19]Founding a record label is no easy feat and making it not only survive but thrive for over 20 years is truly awe-inspiring. Stones Throw Records is one of the most prominent independent record labels, having helped develop artists like Madlib, J Dilla, MF Doom, and Anderson Paak, to name a few...



Jack "WildChild" Brown and Miles Brown: Family, Funk, and Creative Excellence - The Conduit

“I was never like all these acting kids, who take everything so seriously, if I came out the audition room I just stopped focussing on the audition, I was just on to the next fun thing of the day.” — https://twitter...



Bootie Brown: Making it Big in the Music Business - The Conduit

“If you are ahead of the curve, you can work through different ideas to find which one works the best.” — Bootie Brown [1:08:46]“You not getting everything that you want so fast at a young age makes you decipher what's right and what's wrong.” — Bootie Brown [1:27:56]Welcome to The Conduit, a podcast that brings together motivated artists to share their experiences and pull back the curtain for a firsthand look at life in the arts...



DJ Nu-Mark: Two Turntables and a Drum Machine - The Conduit

“The sense of wonderment is what keeps me alive in this business.” — (@DJNUMARK) [0:12:25]DJ Nu-Mark has carved out an amazing niche for himself in the LA music scene and beyond, from his groundbreaking work with the world-famous group Jurassic 5, to his recent work in television and film, to creating popular sample packs, and his viral video series Zodiac Tracks, the journey has been surprising, fun-filled, and successful...



episode 140: Carmen Mardonez: 2021 NOT REAL ART Grant Winner

Today, we welcome another one of our six 2021 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists winners, the one and only Carmen Mardónez, hailing from Chile. Carmen is a fiber artist living in Los Angeles, California, whose work explores an imagery of rebellion and freedom through natural landscapes saturated with lights and colors...