Not Real Art

The NOT REAL ART podcast celebrates creative culture and the artists who make it. NOT REAL ART is fresh, fun and inspiring. It contains material not suitable for pretentious art snobs. Guests include the world-class artists, designers and creatives who drive the $2T creative economy. NOT REAL ART is hosted by L.A. based art world insiders Man One and Sourdough who bring their devil-may-care attitude to discussing their mutual love — and hate — for the contemporary art world, creative culture, and everything in between. If you're an an arts professional or creative culture enthusiast, NOT REAL ART is for you!

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episode 122: Dolby Atmos with Ellis Reid

If you are old enough to remember cassettes, you will remember the Dolby noise reduction switch on them. This humble beginning was the foundation for an incredibly innovative company that has since branched off into creating immersive audio and visual...



episode 121: Greg Escalante: Happy Birthday!

Some people are extraordinarily unique and change the game completely. Greg Escalante was a bona fide maverick and trailblazer, carving out a space where so many of us could feel at home. Juxtapoz Magazine, the publication Greg co-founded, is still a...



episode 120: NFT x Lora Zombie: Case Study with Tom Rowlandson + Joshua Wattles

Three letters are dominating the art world right now, N-F-T. They stand for ‘non-fungible token’, which is represented as a unit of data, typically on the Ethereum blockchain. So how does this affect artists around the world? It returns the power...



episode 119: Channing Dungey Takes-Two on the Entertainment Industry with Erin Yoshi

Making a break in the entertainment industry takes hard work, careful attention, and a strong vision. Today we speak with a woman who achieved great heights in film and television. Channing Dungey is a TV executive and the first black American...



episode 118: Judy Baca on Public Arts and Murals

Muralism is empowering, uplifting, and can be a megaphone to celebrate ethnicity. Judy Baca has been creating public art for decades and has produced over 400 murals while employing thousands of local participants to be part of Los Angeles’ social...



episode 117: Muralist Roundtable: Gloria Muriel, Amanda Lynn + Mariella Aras with Erin Yoshi

Welcome to episode 117 of the Not Real Art Podcast. In today’s show, host Erin Yoshi is joined by three more exceptional artists, Gloria Muriel, Amanda Lynn, and Mariella Ajras.



episode 116: Trust Your Struggle: Nancy Hernandez + Cece Carpio with Erin Yoshi

Welcome to another Not Real Art takeover hosted by Erin Yoshi for the month of March to celebrate National Woman’s Month. Today Yoshi sits down with two of her Trust Your Struggle crewmates, Nancy Hernandez and Cece Carpio. Trust Your Struggle is a...


 2021-03-16  52m

episode 115: Maria Jenson + Heidi Johnson On Marketing Artists and Art Events with Erin Yoshi

Welcome to another podcast takeover with Erin Yoshi. For International Women’s Month, we are going to talk to some of Erin’s favorite women in the creative field, each offering something brilliant, raw, and powerful. Today we talk with guests...


 2021-03-09  1h1m

episode 114: Favianna Rodriguez, Anne Martin + The Power of Print with Erin Yoshi

For women, the time is now. Today Erin Yoshi begins her month-long takeover of the Not Real Art Podcast with a focus on uplifting women in the arts. We kick things off by finding out a little more about Erin, who is a creative strategist that paints...


 2021-03-02  1h0m

episode 113: Erin Yoshi Previews Our VIP Guests for International Women’s Month

With International Women’s Month just around the corner, we decided to dedicate today’s show to previewing the exciting month we have ahead. As our guest and official occasional-co-host, Erin Yoshi joins us today to talk about what makes next...


 2021-02-23  54m