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*One of Apple Podcasts Best Podcasts of 2021*"Compelling and thoughtful listening" - the New York TimesHosted by Kentuckians Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, Pantsuit Politics is an independent podcast that takes a different approach to the news. Sarah and Beth are citizens who prioritize curiosity over the conflict that often drives political conversations. Pay attention without the anxiety. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Healthcare and Activism with Special Guest Emily Ellsworth

Emily Ellsworth, author of Call the Halls, discusses effectively making your voice heard


 2017-08-01  1h15m

The Briefcase: Immigration, Tax Reform, and Healthcare with Special Guest Perry Bacon

Perry Bacon of FiveThirtyEight joins Beth to discuss the President's legislative agenda


 2017-08-04  32m

Affirmative Action, August recess, and is motherhood a sacrifice or a privilege?

Sarah is back from vacation and we're talking affirmative action.


 2017-08-08  1h2m

The Briefcase: What's local office really like with Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless

Sarah chats with Mayor Harless about what it was like to run and win together.


 2017-08-11  38m

Reflecting on Charlottesville

We try to digest a painful moment.


 2017-08-15  53m

Live from Nashville: President Trump on Charlottesville and Women in Politics

We're at redpepper in Nashville with our first live audience


 2017-08-18  57m

Confederate Monuments, Speech, and Social Media

We discuss hard conversations in the Charlottesville aftermath


 2017-08-22  38m

The Briefcase: A Tale of Two Trump Speeches

We discuss President Trump's Afghanistan address and Phoenix Rally


 2017-08-25  33m

Pardoning Joe Arpaio, North Korea, Hurricane Harvey, and Sex Addiction

We discuss the news from the weekend and a listener's journey with sex addiction


 2017-08-29  1h11m

The Briefcase: Hurricane Harvey, Accidental Courtesy, Fragility, and Resilience

Our country’s fragility is so clear this week, as we experience a devastating hurricane and continued social tensions


 2017-09-01  38m