This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

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Gunnar Inn: Part 1/6

Marilyn (Mare) and her husband Ed fight about the inn's upkeep.



Season 4 Prologue

A storm is moving in and Hal's headaches have gone, which means only one thing. It's time to go. A danger is looming and he must leave. His girlfriend doesn't understand, but sadly, he doesn't have time to explain.


 2020-10-31  5m

Paralyzed Season 3 Recap

Robert M. Lamb (writer/creator) welcomes voice actors Jack and Meagan Austin to the studio to talk about everything Season 3. The group talks about voice acting, the deer men, the season finale, and what to expect with Season 4. It's a fun time!!


 2020-09-29  33m

Roland's Calls - Part 6/6

Roland is on the move. After talking to Rae, she gained some information on a survivor that may be able to tell her about a similar nightmarish incident. But who could this survivor be?


 2020-07-07  4m

Chapter 15: Cold Hell - Part 4/4

Here it is!! The Season finale!! The deer men stalk the halls as the ship deteriorates. The group is restless, but unable to come to a decision. Shane wants them to leave without him; feeling that this nightmare they're living is his fault. Is it?...


 2020-06-16  1h11m

Chapter 15: Cold Hell - Part 3/4

Everyone holes up in Dale's suite, unable to come up with a plan of action. But people are getting restless. Michelle wants to know exactly what's going on so she starts to question Shane. But sadly he doesn't have the answers everyone is looking for....


 2020-04-12  18m

Chapter 15: Cold Hell - Part 2/4

Everyone is finally back together. But there's no time to catch up. They need to get off the ship. Before they can leave though, Dale has one request. He wants to know if they can check his room for his cousin. Reluctantly, everyone agrees. Sadly,...


 2020-03-27  18m

Chapter 15: Cold Hell - Part 1/4

The group is still separated, but after Skye and Erika avoid the creature in the hall, they head back upstairs. Erika hopes Shane is able to make it back to their room. Little does she know, it won't be easy. Cora and Dale are forced to use ropes and...


 2020-03-06  21m

Roland's Calls - Part 5/6

Roland continues to have nightmares and scary visions. She calls Rae late at night to talk. Reluctantly, Rae keeps her company. While they discuss past cases, Roland has another vision, which leaves Rae frightened.


 2019-11-26  5m

Chapter 14: Separated - Part 4/4

Everyone is on their own mission. Michelle and Roger make their way to the Navigation deck, but of course it's deserted. Meanwhile, Skye and Erika are shrouded in darkness and under attack by one of the deer creatures. But Erika hears Shane in the...


 2019-11-12  20m