Get your questions answered and learn to see, no matter if you shoot digital or on film, if you shoot mirrorless or with a DSLR. You use Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Lightroom? Come in! Lean about exposure, composition, colors and the creative side of photography.

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888 Bye bye … ’til 2020

It’s the last episode for the year 2019… and we’ll talk about what I do around the holidays. This episode is also about giving your photos titles. Why should you give your photos titles and how to …



887 Heartwarming

You’re an amazing community. And a big welcome to the new patrons who have decided to support an independent creator. I’m humbled by your support. Let me say a quick thank you to the new patrons: S…


 2019-12-20  n/a

886 The Joy of Photography

Chris discusses the Joy of Photography. Can we define it? What makes you pick up your camera? And Matt has brought us a new Slack Challenge… so we’ll review the last one and kick off the challenge …


 2019-12-13  n/a

885a Protecting My Listeners and Surviving at the Same Time

Warning: This is not an official photo episode, but rather some background on what’s going on in the world of independent podcasts. So if you’re here for the photography, please skip this epi…


 2019-12-11  n/a

885 The Biggest Misconception in Photography

Chris looks at wind speeds, slow drones, a mini assignment AND you’ll learn that telephoto compression isn’t really a thing. This week’s assignment is Aperture. Post your photos online and use the …


 2019-11-14  n/a

884 Let Me Talk You Out of the Mavic Mini

Let Chris talk you out of buying the new Mavic Mini, the sub 250g flying camera that I KNOW a lot of you are eyeing right now. Chris puts it in perspective for you. RECEIVE EMAIL FOR NEW…


 2019-11-06  n/a

883 The Man Machine Connection

Are you one of those people who have given their camera a name? If the answer is yes, .. this might be one of the most normal things in the world. Today i’d like to explore the emotional r…


 2019-10-29  n/a

882 Photo Editing in VR

On this episode Chris dives into a couple of topics that might as well be at home on The Future of Photography, including Sony’s new layered sensor and lenses that are 1000 times thinner than c…


 2019-10-14  n/a

881 Falling in Love

It’s Slack Challenge Time! We’ll also take a photo together (post on your favorite social media with #tfttfnow) and Chris shares a beautiful love story with us. RECEIVE EMAIL FOR NEW EPI…


 2019-10-06  n/a

880 Perspectives and Frameworks

Let’s go a bit deeper into two aspects of the last episode: frameworks and how they can help you with your photography and perspectives.. but not just those that we photographers love so m…


 2019-09-29  n/a