Get your questions answered and learn to see, no matter if you shoot digital or on film, if you shoot mirrorless or with a DSLR. You use Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Lightroom? Come in! Lean about exposure, composition, colors and the creative side of photography.

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901 360 Degrees of Freedom

Chris and Jon discuss the latest in 360 degree video, exemplified by Jon’s latest video series VIRTUAL 360 Everest Trek RECEIVE EMAIL FOR NEW EPISODES Links: Watch this episode on video VIRTUAL …


 2020-10-09  n/a

900 UFOs Are Key

Watch this episode on YouTube UFOs (as the knitting community calls their UnFinished Objects) are projects that you put on hold. And hopefully dig out later, so you have something to go to when the big pandemic hits. Or any other reason you might need some distraction. Chris explains why creating UFOs isn’t a bad … Continue reading "900 UFOs Are Key"

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 2020-08-13  n/a

899 The Future of Photography Education

In this episode Chris looks at creativity, how it often depends on the right puzzle pieces to come together at the right time, and how a little bit (or a lot) of pressure can bring this all…


 2020-06-27  n/a

898b A Few Words, 05-JUN-2020

video version The world is a crazy place right now.. and I’ve been struggling whether I should say something here, whether I should use this podcast as a platform, because this is a show about p…


 2020-06-05  n/a

898 Pick One Photo

Check out Chris’ new video series Pick One Photo that feature Filmmaker Jon Miller, photographer Ibarionex Perello, photographer and thrower of axes Sean Galbraith, photographer and podcast c…


 2020-05-03  n/a

897 Stuck at Home

Chris looks at the impact of this BLEEPING virus .. on the photo industry, on this show and on my own business and of course on YOUR photography, … and he suggests some solutions to soften the b…


 2020-03-22  n/a

896 Travel & Corona

Chris talks about the Siberia photo tour in February and how to shoot ice. While Chris was in Russia, the coronavirus and the news about it have almost exploded and it is having a big impact on…


 2020-03-09  n/a

895 Voices (Slice)

In today’s TFTTF Slice, Chris runs you through his daily routine while on a workshop. Chris also interviews his tour guide and some of the attendees of the Lake Baikal trip. You’re listening to a s…


 2020-02-29  n/a

894 04 On the Lake (TFTTF Slice)

Chris and the group are making their way across Lake Baikal, the world’s largest lake by volume. It holds 20% of the planet’s liquid fresh water and is up to 1 mile deep. It’s also frozen in winte…


 2020-02-22  n/a

893 03 Moscow Extension (TFTTF Slice)

Chris takes a break from packing for his trip to share some additional details of the Moscow Extension of the Lake Baikal workshop. And then adds a little sound-seeing from the Moscow…


 2020-02-18  n/a